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SuperFast Thermapen 4

NEW SuperFast Thermapen 4 thermometer.  The new Mk4 has a patented self-rotating display that can be used in any position, in either hand. The Thermapen 4 even knows when it’s dark, automatically turning the backlight on in low light conditions

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  • order code: 234-407
    £64.80 inc VAT in stock

    SuperFast Thermapen 4 - perfect for cooking turkey, poultry, meat and fish! • patented, automatic 360° rotational display• readable display in left or right hand• auto intelligent backlight• waterproof to IP66/67• improved battery life of 3000 hours• display configurable in °C or °F

    £64.80 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 228-065
    £72.00 inc VAT

    Thermapen® IR infrared thermometer with foldaway probepatented, automatic 360° rotational display adjustable emissivity for different surfaces motion-sensing sleep mode - probe only FREE traceable certificate of calibration (probe & IR) meets the European Standard EN 13485

    £72.00 inc VAT
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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