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Kitchen Timers

A range of timers to ensure that you get the most from your cooking with a Thermapen

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  • order code: 806-181
    £18.00 inc VAT in stock

    The TimeStick® one handed cooking timer and kitchen indicates remaining time handy lanyard to hang around the neck 12/24 hour format clock one-handed operation colour-match with your Thermapen

    £18.00 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 806-160
    £24.00 inc VAT in stock

    Extra Big & Loud timerrugged water resistant housing maximum volume of 110 decibels ideal in busy professional kitchens settings memory

    £24.00 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 810-041
    £45.00 inc VAT in stock

    The ChefAlarm is a combined cooking count up/down timer and thermometer.temperature reading in five seconds with mini needle probe includes backlight & calibration function designed for commercial kitchens adjustable 92dB audible alarm

    £45.00 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 806-105
    £10.80 inc VAT In Stock

    Kitchen timer with a minutes/seconds or hours/minutes option.easily programmable 80 decibel audible  alarm pocket clip/foot stand

    £10.80 inc VAT
    In Stock
  • order code: 806-150
    £19.20 inc VAT In Stock

    Waterproof countdown kitchen timer with large buttons and display.IP65 water resistant protection extra large display and buttons 95 decibel alarm (variable)

    £19.20 inc VAT
    In Stock
  • order code: 809-603
    £24.00 inc VAT In Stock

    Digital Cooking Thermometer/Clock/Timerdisplays cooking temperature, alarm limit, timer / clock selectable meat category programmable 'doneness' alarm temperature stainless steel oven probe

    £24.00 inc VAT
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
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