Sous Vide Thermometers, Kits & Accessories

Traditionally used by restaurants to deliver consistent, high-quality results, sous vide is now popular among chefs and home cooks alike due to its convenience, precision and flavour.

The process demands minimal attention, resulting in seamless food without the possibility of over or under cooking. It’s a great time saving option for dinner parties and meal prepping as everything can be vacuum packed and stored until it needs to be cooked.

Sous Vide 

  • Sous Vide Water Bath

    Sous Vide Water Bath - cook to perfectioneasy to use, LED touch screen controls delivers consistent & repeatable results temperature range between 30 and 90 °C cooking time between 0 and 99 hours 8 litre capacity supplied with UK type plug lead

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  • Vacuum Bag Sealer

    Vacuum Bag Sealer for food and cookingideal for sealing dry & moist foods incorporates easy to use bag cutter lightweight and easy to use supplied with UK type plug lead

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Sous vide cooking kit


The Thermapen complete sous vide cooking kit contains everything you need for perfect results every time.

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Sous Vide Thermometer - Thermapen Sous Vide


Want to get perfect sous vide results? Taste the difference with our Thermapen Sous Vide Thermometer!

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