Thermapen x Laura Barnes Kitchen Bundles

Vibrant Orange 
& Pink Kitchen Accessories

Cooking with Thermapen is all about making food experiences more fun and creative, so we've teamed up with illustrator and designer Laura Barnes on a new collection of vibrant printed Thermapens.


Laura's work combines her love of colour and pattern to create happy, uplifting illustrations and products designed to bring joy into your life and home.


We selected her hand-drawn strawberry and orange prints to inspire fresh and fruity cooking — perfect for home bakers who love making something sweet. They also make the best orange and pink kitchen accessories to put the finishing touch on a rose or tangerine-tinted kitchen.

about the artist

Laura Barnes

Laura Barnes is a London-based illustrator and designer who mixes hand drawing and painting with digital techniques to create unique, colourful illustrations.

Inspired by a childhood spent by the sea, Laura takes a lot of inspiration from nature and the outdoors. Her colourful style and love for all things tropical are influenced by her travels to India, Morocco, Mexico and beyond.

Colourful Kitchen
Gift Sets

Upgrade to the Thermapen x Laura Barnes kitchen bundles to add an extra flourish to your kitchen for just £5 more. Each bundle contains a printed Thermapen ONE and a matching organic cotton tea towel.


These limited edition bundles are a fantastic gift idea for foodies with flair. Help them take their cooking skills to the next level with a quality tool they'll love using every day, whilst representing their vibrant personality and style.


The Sweet Strawberry bundle will be the cherry on top of a pink-lover's kitchen, while the Seville Orange set will be a tangerine-lover's new favourite orange kitchen accessory.

Bundle & save

Upgrade to the Bundle to receive a matching organic cotton tea towel for just £5 more. 

The bundle makes a great gift for strawberry lovers. 


Sweet Strawberries

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Strawberry lovers will delight in adding this cute print to their kitchen, especially when using it to assist in creating some sweet strawberry baked goods. Printed pink kitchen accessories will add a bold twist to a colourful interior.

Seville Oranges

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Seville orange season is approaching, and this fruity bundle is the perfect accompaniment for whipping up batches of tangy marmalade. We love the splash of sunshine these fun orange accessories bring to the kitchen.

The Kitchen Gadget Gift for Better Cooking

Thermapen thermometers are made to elevate the quality and consistency of your cooking — so you can spend less time wondering whether your food is done and more time letting your creativity flourish. 


Designed for chefs and loved by home cooks, the Thermapen ONE is a sleek, high-quality kitchen thermometer that delivers fast and accurate results. The intuitive display is designed for easy reading in any setting, while the robust, waterproof casing makes it fully kitchen-ready. 


Armed with the ONE, you can confidently take on any cooking challenge. 

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