Kitchen Greats and the Thermapen®...

The Thermapen® has been used in professional kitchens around the world for many years. Over this time celebrity chefs have been attracted to its accuracy, speed, efficiency and ease of use. So, who are they?


Nick Nairn: Nick has been a cook for over 20 years. A popular figure from numerous BBC food programmes, such as Wild Harvest and Ready Steady Cook, he was one of four finalists voted in on the series, Great British Menu, and subsequently cooked the main course for the Queen’s 80th birthday banquet. Nick also runs the Nick Nairn Cook School at two locations, Port of Mentieth and Aberdeen.

Nick has this to say about the Thermapen...

"A Thermapen is quite simply invaluable. It’s the single most useful piece of kit you can have in the kitchen. It allows you to put numbers against something that was once intangible: the rareness of a piece of meat, the doneness of a fillet of fish, the silkiness of a custard."

"It answers the question, ‘Is my turkey cooked properly?’ And the slim probe means that they react incredibly quickly. They genuinely change the way people cook for the better. I see it in every class at my cook school. Happy cooking.."

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Rick Stein: Rick Stein, OBE is an English chef, restauranteur, cookery book author and television presenter. He has written 19 cookery books and made 15 cookery programmes. He has also cooked for The Queen and Prince Philip, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and French President, Jacques Chirac.

Rick owns and runs four restaurants in the small Cornish fishing village of Padstow.

Rick says this about the Thermapen...

"My Thermapen thermometer is one of my most valued pieces of equipment. A quick-acting one is expensive, but a probe enables you to measure the temperature at the very centre of any piece of meat or fish, ensuring it is cooked perfectly every time. It's also great for checking the temperature of cooking oil, water, and so on."

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Alex Rushmer

Alex Rushmer: Alex is a food writer, chef and Masterchef 2010 finalist. Currently head chef at 'The Hole in the Wall', Little Wilbraham, Alex says...

"As a professional chef I am already familiar with the Thermapen and it is probably the most useful and most often used piece of kit we have in our kitchen."

"Having used other digital thermometers in the past before investing in a thermapen I can happily say I would never go back to anything else."

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Matt Gillan

Matt Gillan: Matt 

Matt a wealth of experience in award-winning restaurants throughout the UK. Previously head chef at the Michelin starred 'The Pass' at the South Lodge Hotel, Horsham, Matt now has his own restaurant ‘The Pike & Pine’ in Brighton, Matt says...


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