Baking Greats - great bakers and the Thermapen®

Edd Kimber: The talented 2010 winner of BBC’s The Great British Bake Off is a big fan of the SuperFast Thermapen®. Edd, who has worked at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir and who's first cookbook The Boy Who Bakes was published in September 2011, says...

“The Thermapen is a really handy gadget for all chefs whether they use it for everyday baking, to make sure that cakes and sponges are done without being dried out, or for something a little more technically demanding.

"I totally rely on my Thermapen because it’s absolutely crucial that I get an accurate and speedy temperature reading for many of the recipes that I work with. My speciality is Macarons, which are beautiful but notoriously tricky treats to make; relying on cooked sugar syrup where the temperature must be exact. The Thermapen is perfect for baking these deliciously delicate delights."

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Ruth Clemens: food writer, blogger, chef and Runner up on The Great British Bake-off 2010 says...

"There’s one bit of kit in the kitchen I use time and time again and it’s a Superfast Thermapen digital thermometer.  I ended up with one of these after smashing three of my regular thermometers."

"The Superfast Thermapen retails at £57.60 and really are a great bit of kit to have, I love mine, it has definitely been worth the investment."

"Thermometers are really useful for all sorts of recipes – jam making, sugar syrups and tempering chocolate if you’re feeling adventurous."

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  • Thermapen Professional Thermometer - perfect for cooking turkey, poultry, meat and fish!Patented, automatic 360° rotational display Readable display in left or right hand Auto intelligent backlight Waterproof to IP66/67 Improved battery life of 3000 hours Display configurable in °C or °F

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  • The Thermapen® Classic thermometer is fast, accurate and used by chefs and BBQ enthusiasts worldwide. SuperFast – reaches temperature in just 3 seconds Over 50 % faster than traditional probes FREE traceable certificate of calibration Simple & lightweight to use

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    SuperFast Thermapen® 3 Discounted Colours! temperature readings in just 3 seconds! Biomaster casing reduces bacterial growth °C to °F reconfigurable water-resistant case °C to °F reconfigurable 1.0 or 0.1 °F/°C resolution *No further discounts apply to these prices 

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