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Thermapen FAQ

A selection of frequently asked questions about Thermapen thermometers

Q Will (atmospheric) pressure affect temperature reading of Boiling Water?
A The boiling point of water is directly dependent on (atmospheric) pressure. It is a physical related property. Water boils at 100°C ONLY if it is pure (de-mineralized) and under atmospheric pressure of or 1013.25 hPa.

So at high altitudes or bad weather-low pressure, you may think that the instrument reads the wrong temperature.
For example, Low air pressure at 990 hPa water will boil at 99.3 °C and at higher air pressure 1040 hPa water boils at 100.7 °C.

Q Why do I get different readings when I measure my food in different places?
A Because the temperature of the food can be different in different places at the same time (see page 12 of the Thermapen Guidebook).

Q Why did my steak come out medium/well done when my Thermapen reading suggested medium?
A Because meat will continue to cook after you take it off the heat. You should allow for this rise (see pages 11 to 13 of the Thermapen Guidebook).

Q Why is my chicken still bloody when my Thermapen says its done?
A Because the bone marrow in chicken bones can release blood while cooking. It is safely done.

Q Why does my new Thermapen read 3 to 5 °C different than my old thermometer when measuring food?
A Because your old thermometer will not have been as accurate as your new Thermapen (see page 16 of the Thermapen Guidebook).

Q Why does my Thermapen show a reading higher than 0 °C (32 °F) when I put it in ice water?
A Because the temperature is higher than the ice point unless you take the time to create a proper ice bath (see page 17 of the Thermapen Guidebook).

Q Why does my Thermapen take up to 6 seconds to get to 0.0 °C in a proper ice bath?
A The Thermapen will get to within 0.5 °C (1 °F) within 3 seconds or less but may take 2 or 3 seconds longer for the last few tenths of a degree to settle (see page 17 of the Thermapen Guidebook).

Q Why doesn't my Thermapen seem to settle on a final temperature in food? It keeps changing.
A Because the temperature of food keeps changing while it is cooking and your Thermapen is accurate enough to see it (see page 7 of the Thermapen Guidebook).

Q Am I supposed to clean my Thermapen? How and how often?
A You should wipe the probe clean any time it comes in contact with raw meat and you should clean the whole Thermapen after each use (see page 19 of the Thermapen Guidebook).

Q Will my Thermapen / Thermometer work with an Induction Cooker?
A Most of our digital thermometers will be affected by the emf (electro-magnetic field) generated by the hob and there have been various studies as to the inherent dangers to humans in close vicinity to the active surfaces.
Manufacturers recommend that metal spoons are not to be used, we are concerned that any metal in the design of a probe will be affected, and therefore produce errors.

At this time, we would recommend recording results by heating pans, removing them from the influence of the hob and quickly taking a test measurement. We appreciated that rapid cooling will reduce temperature results, we also suggest an infrared thermometer like RayTemp 2 thermometer (228-020).

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