Coffee thermometers

brand: ETI

New product

Coffee thermometers or milk froth thermometers

  • easy to read dial with colour-coded zones
  • includes FREE calibration spanner
  • ideal for barista style coffee
  • 130 mm stem length 
  • 25 mm or 45 mm dial

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£6.00 inc VAT

These coffee thermometers incorporate a °C/°F dial with colour coded zones that indicate the optimum temperature for milk froth making them both simple and fast to use. Ideal for barista style coffee!

Measuring over the range of -10 to 110 °C, the thermometers are available in 2 dial sizes  - 25mm dial and 45mm dial. Each thermometer is supplied with a stainless steel jug mounting probe clip, calibration spanner and protective probe cover. 

Stem length is 130 mm with a choice of either 25 mm or 45 mm diameter dial.

range:-10 to 110 °C
display:analogue dial
dimensions:25 or 45mm dial size with 130 or 175mm probe
case material:stainless steel
guarantee:one year
measurement scale :Celsius / Fahrenheit

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