Confectionery Thermometer for frying, jam and toffee


brand: ETI

New product

Confectioery or Cook's Thermometer for confectionery, frying & jam.

  • stainless steel thermometer with clearly marked scale
  • °C/°F scale with recommended temperatures
  • incorportates retaining clip
  • stainless steel

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£10.80 inc VAT

The stainless steel cook's thermometer or confectionery thermometer, for frying, jam and toffee / caramel indicates temperature over the range of 40 to 200°C and 100 to 400°F in 2°C/°F divisions.

The thermometer's scale is clearly marked for hard crack, soft crack, hard ball, soft ball, thread, jam, caramel, sterilising and deep fry.

The thermometer's stainless steel casing incorporates a retaining clip and measures 50 x 240 mm plus a 65 mm plastic handle.

Simply insert the thermometer into the liquid or food being measured and read the temperature.

range:40 to 200°C and 100 to 400°F
display:analogue scale
dimensions:50 x 240 mm plus 65 mm handle
case material:stainless steel
guarantee:one year
measurement scale :Celsius / Fahrenheit

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