Pro-Surface Thermapen® 3 surface thermometer


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Pro-Surface Thermapen® 3 surface thermometer for grills and hotplates.

designed for grills, hotplates and heat critical surfaces

pivoting probe & swivel tip for good contact

auto power on/off function

one-handed operation

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Two year guarantee Auto-off HACCP Made in UK Centigrade Fahrenheit

£85.20 inc VAT

The Pro-Surface Thermapen® 3 thermometer measures more accurately than an infrared thermometer the temperature of grills, cooktops, hotplates, and other surfaces. Using an infrared, you need to make adjustments for emissivity and distance. With a Pro-Surface Thermapen® 3 you simply open the probe and take the reading - the pivoting probe and swivel tip ensure good surface contact and high accuracy measurement.


The Pro Surface Thermapen 3 has a range of -49.9 to 299.9°C (-58.0 to 572.0°F) and a user-selectable resolution of 0.1° or 1° and it is supplied with a FREE traceable calibration certificate. The Pro Surface Thermapen is calibrated "as a system" for better accuracy than separate meter and probe combinations.


The Thermapen® 3 body is splash-resistant, designed for industrial use and has no buttons to press. Swing open the probe and it's on - close it and it's off. It uses no cables and the probe's fold away action offers protection when not in and eliminates the need for replacement probe purchases. For high temperature use you can order a protective silicone rubber boot for added thermal and drop protection.

Thermapen® is a registered trademark in the UK (2025607), EU (008449571) and the USA (3898535). It is also protected by EC Regd.Des.No. 001580473.


You can customise your Thermapen 3 even further using the micro switches in the battery compartment.


range:-49.9 to 299.9°C (-58.0 to 572.0°F)
resolution:0.1 °C/F or 1°C/F - user configurable
accuracy:±0.4°C (-49.9 to 199.9 °C) otherwise ±1 °C
battery:2 x 3 volt CR2032 lithium coin cell
battery life:1500 hours
sensor type:K thermocouple
display:14.3mm LCD
dimensions:19 x 47 x 153mm
weight:100 grams
case material:ABS plastic with Biomaster anti-bacterial additive
country of manufacture :United Kingdom
guarantee:two years
water / dust resistance :water resistant
measurement scale :Celsius / Fahrenheit
certification :Free traceable calibration certificate

Thermapen product brochure

Thermapen product brochure and specifications

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BBQ Temperature Guide

Useful guide to BBQ temperatures

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Thermapen Alt Instructions

Instructions for the Pro-surface and air/ surface Thermapen

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Thermapen Mk4 & Mk3 Guidebook

Guidebook for the Thermapen Mk4 and SuperFast Thermapen thermometers

Download (1.69M)
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     Protective zip pouches for Thermapen® 3 or 4 thermometers. • soft PVC material • protects your Thermapen® thermometer from damage

    £7.20 inc VAT
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  • order code: 830-110
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    Protective wallet/holster for Thermapen® 3 or 4 thermometers • protects your thermometer • suitable for Thermapen® and FPT thermometers • belt loop for secure attachment

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  • order code: 830-265
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    Protective glow in the dark protective boot for SuperFast Thermapen® 3 thermometersglows in the dark protects against accidental damage made from durable silicone incorporates magnet to attach to metal surface 

    £9.00 inc VAT
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What makes the Thermapen so fast compared to other thermometers?

The main reason is the professional thermocouple technology that we use instead of mass-produced thermistor technology. Thermocouples are recommended by the most food standards agencies for measurement of cooked meat products and thin portions. We also use a reduced-diameter needle tip on the probe. Comparable professional meters cost £140 to £300 for the electronics and a similar probe! 

How long should my Thermapen's batteries last?

Pro-Surface Thermapen 3 batteries are rated for 1,500 hours of use. In the battery compartment you can enable and disable the auto-off feature. The auto-off feature will extend the life of the batteries. See your owner's manual for details.

Will the Thermapen tell me when my meat is done?

Not exactly. Instead it (very quickly) tells you the actual temperature and you decide if that is "done". We can give you the guidelines for food safety but you should consult your favorite cookbooks, TV shows and recipes for advice not only on safe temperatures but the best cooking temperatures for flavour and texture. Also remember that individual preference is very important.

Where should I place the probe tip to see if it's cooked?

When testing if your meat is cooked, the coldest part will be the very center of the thickest portion. With larger foods, you can take quick readings with your thermometer in several locations to verify that the entire portion is done. If you are chilling a food, the center of the thickest part will be the last to cool.  Penetrate the food you are checking with the probe and place the very tip of the probe where you want to measure.

I've seen cheaper thermometers, why pay more for a Thermapen?

In use there's a big difference. Don't take our word for it. Check our reviews to read the many reasons written by others. Cheaper thermometers are limited by the technology that they use. These can be mass produced for just a few pennies to a few pounds. On the other hand, the Thermapen is hand-assembled and hand-tested in the UK and uses a professional thermocouple circuit design. This design costs more to make than cheaper, less capable thermometers.

Biomaster protection

Biomaster antimicrobial technology is incorporated in the majority ETI products during the manufacturing process, ensuring lifelong protection against the risk of bacterial cross contamination. As well as being harmful to health, outbreaks of food poisoning can damage brands, and the reputation of stores, food producers and restaurants.

The risk of food-borne contamination is widespread, existing in restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, aircraft, cruise ships and your home. Anywhere where food is made, prepared or eaten.

Biomaster treated products have been proven to reduce the growth of food borne bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter by up to 99.99%, so by choosing an ETI product with Biomaster additive, you are protected 24 hours a day, every day.

What is Biomaster?

Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology is the leading range of safe, effective and permanent additives for the control of harmful bacteria, making any surface cleaner and more hygienic for its entire lifetime.

Proven to quickly reduce bacteria by up to 99.99% Biomaster is an effective means of reducing the growth of MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella Campylobacter, Legionella and over 50 other species.

Incorporated into the body material of your ETI product, Biomaster becomes an integral part of it, providing durable, lifelong protection against the threat of cross contamination. 

How does it work?

The active ingredient in Biomaster is silver. Silver has been used in its pure form for many centuries to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active, when Biomaster is added during manufacture it is dispersed throughout the product casing, will not wash off and will last for its entire lifetime. Biomaster provides antimicrobial protection without allowing bacteria to develop resistance.


Biomaster has 3 different modes of action:

Silver ions bind to the cell surface;
This disrupts the cell and prevents cell growth.

The silver ions are attracted to the Thiol groups in the cell enzymes;
This prevents the bacterium producing energy.

Silver ions interrupt the cell DNA;
This prevents DNA replication and new cell formation.


The Biomaster 3 stage mode of action does not allow bacteria cells to develop resistance, making Biomaster future proof and highly resistant against antibiotic resistant species such as MRSA.



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