Thermapen® 4 Glow in the Dark protective boot 830-465


brand: ETI

New product

Protective glow in the dark protective boot for SuperFast Thermapen® 4 thermometers

  • glows in the dark
  • protects against accidental damage
  • made from durable silicone
  • incorporates magnet to attach to metal surface 

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£10.20 inc VAT

Glow in the dark protective silicone boot to protect your Thermapen® 4 thermometer against accidental damage. Made from silicone rubber it glows in the dark making it easy to see your Thermapen 4 when using at that evening BBQ. The boot incorporates a powerful magnet that allows you to attach your Thermapen® 4 to any convenient metal surface - fridge door etc.


Keeps your Thermapen® 4 safe and ready to use at all times. Protects your Thermapen® 4 for a very low cost.

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