Billows Damper

Billows Damper for Billows Temperature Control Fan

  • Restricts the air flow into your Billows
  • Provides greater control and accuracy
  • 16 adjustment stops


Billows accessories

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SKU: 825-071

The Billows Damper attaches to your Billows BBQ fan, which enables you to make micro-adjustments to your BBQ intake for optimum results.

To use the Damper, remove the yellow protective cover from the Billows and replace with the Damper.

The Billows will bring your BBQ up to your set temperature. However, if you would like it to reach temperature more quickly, you may want to open the vents on the Billows Damper slightly, enabling a greater intake.

Sometimes, your pit temperature may rise slightly, and you may want to close the vents more to restrict airflow.

Using the Billows Damper will help you to get the best results from your Billows, ensuring precise pit temperatures every time.

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