Billows™ BBQ Temperature Control Fan

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Billows™ BBQ Temperature Control Fan

  • maintains constant temperature control over entire cook
  • uses replaceable USB-C connector cables
  • easily attaches to most smoker types without extra adapters

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The Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan assists you in cooking perfect, succulent BBQ meats over the course of many hours without having to worry about flareups, burn-outs, vent adjustments, or tending the coals. 

When connected to a compatible controller, like Signals (required), the Billows fan quickly gets your smoker up to the target cooking temperature and keeps it there allowing you to go on with your life while you monitor both your smoker and meat temperatures remotely. The powerful fan maintains precise temperature control, whether you’re cooking in a stick-burner, ceramic, barrel, or drum cooker

range:Operating range up to 260°C
battery:12v AC powered
guarantee:one year
water / dust resistance :Weatherproof
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