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BBQ thermometers

Digital barbecue and BBQ thermometers These barbecue thermometers are suitable for home and competition barbecue chefs! Invaluable in ensuring your barbecue food is cooked to perfection.    

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  • order code: 299-121
    £132.00 inc VAT in stock

    ThermaQ WiFi Barbecue Thermometer - two channel thermocouple WiFi BBQ thermometer for remote temperature monitoringMonitor temperatures anywhere via WiFi 2 channel type K thermocouple sockets resolution of 0.1 °C/°F email alerts when alarm limits exceeded programmable high/low alarm user friendly, simple setup with free ThermaQ App perfect for...

    £132.00 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 825-070
    £78.00 inc VAT in stock

    Smoke Wireless BBQ thermometer and receiverWireless to 300-feet line of sight includes Smoke thermometer, Smoke receiver & probes pre-paired with receiver – no setup required splash-proof sealed design, rated to IP65 dashboard-style display shows max/min & hi/low alarms large backlit displays

    £78.00 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 234-407
    £64.80 inc VAT in stock

    SuperFast Thermapen 4 - perfect for cooking turkey, poultry, meat and fish! • patented, automatic 360° rotational display• readable display in left or right hand• auto intelligent backlight• waterproof to IP66/67• improved battery life of 3000 hours• display configurable in °C or °F

    £64.80 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 292-921
    £150.00 inc VAT in stock

    ThermaQ Blue Bluetooth thermometer transmits temperature data to your iOS, Android or Bluetooth® device.thermometer with Bluetooth LE transmit and monitor temperature wirelessly two channel type K input - dual monitoring ThermaQ® App for iOS & Android water resistant to IP65 FREE traceable calibration certificate meets the European Standard EN...

    £150.00 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 231-050
    £100.80 inc VAT in stock

    ThermaQ thermometer kit with two channel type K thermocouple inputsspecifically designed for BBQ enthusiasts audible alarm with variable volume control built in backlight for low light readings waterproof housing offers IP67 protection customised high/low alarm facility range of probes available 2 year guarantee kit option available - please...

    £100.80 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 231-247
    £51.60 inc VAT in stock

    A Classic SuperFast Thermapen® 3 thermometer is fast, accurate colourful and used by chefs and BBQ enthusiasts worldwide.  • temperature readings in just 3 seconds!• Biomaster casing reduces bacterial growth• °C to °F reconfigurable, 1.0 or 0.1 °F/°C resolution• water-resistant case 

    £51.60 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 810-031
    £33.60 inc VAT in stock

    DOT Digital Oven Thermometer or barbecue thermometertemperature reading in just 5 seconds supplied complete with penetration probe large LCD display loud 70dB audible temperature alarm

    £33.60 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 810-071
    £17.40 inc VAT in stock

    BBQ  / Oven penetration probemade specifically for the oven or BBQ reduced tip probe for faster readings supplied with 1.2 metre braided lead

    £17.40 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 810-076
    £16.80 inc VAT in stock

    Oven / BBQ probe and clipmade specifically for the Oven & Barbcue use incorporates clip to attach to oven shelf supplied with 1.2 metre braided lead

    £16.80 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 810-072
    £18.60 inc VAT in stock

    mini needle probe for BBQ or oveneven faster response time  - 5 seconds ideal for Sous Vide cooking designed specifically for the ChefAlarm Ø1.6 x 90 mm 

    £18.60 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 810-078
    £16.80 inc VAT in stock

    Penetration probe for oven or barbecuereduced tip for faster response continuous monitoring in ovens or similar. designed specifically for the DOT & ChefAlarm

    £16.80 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 810-041
    £45.00 inc VAT in stock

    The ChefAlarm is a combined cooking count up/down timer and thermometer.temperature reading in five seconds with mini needle probe includes backlight & calibration function designed for commercial kitchens adjustable 92dB audible alarm

    £45.00 inc VAT
    in stock
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
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