Your Thermapen

The moment you open the probe, your Thermapen is ready to go. It will immediately start displaying the current temperature at its tip.

There are no buttons on your Thermapen. It simply turns itself on when you extend the probe and off when you close the probe. The Thermapen One also has a motion-sensing sleep mode, automatically turning off the instrument when set down and re-awakening when picked up again.

Your Thermapen does not come with spare batteries, however the battery life on the Thermapen One is 2,000 hours and 1,500 on the Classic. Your Thermapen will therefore require a lot of usage before the battery will need to be replaced!

Yes, the Thermapen allows you to do this. Please see our guide on how to change this function.

Yes, the Thermapen allows you to do this. Please see our guide on how to change this function.

If you find that the reading on your Thermapen keeps changing, that’s because the temperature at the probe tip is changing. The probe is super responsive and will react to the exact temperature it reads. Therefore, the reading will only stabilise if the temperature you’re checking stabilises.

Your Thermapen has a micro-thermocouple located at the very tip of its probe shaft; technology which is only found in professional-grade thermometers and is what sets your Thermapen apart from other digital "instant-read" thermometers. As the micro-thermocouple is so small, your Thermapen only needs to be inserted 3 mm to get an accurate reading.

The Thermapen is the fastest, most accurate and sensitive thermometer on the market. Our products are hand-manufactured at our factories in Worthing, West Sussex. Each Thermapen is supplied with a certificate of calibration, certifying that it was hand-calibrated in a laboratory against a precision thermometer and found to be accurate at 0 °C (ice point) and 100 °C (boiling point).

This certificate of calibration is traceable, via international agreement, to all major National Standards including UKAS and NIST.

Red Thermapen, digital thermometer being used to take the internal temperature of chicken
Maintaining Your Thermapen
Red, handheld, Thermapen food thermometer displaying its auto back lite display

As your Thermapen is exposed to uncooked meat, it is important your probe is cleaned thoroughly each time. Any non-tainting, anti-bacterial wipes or spray cleaner and paper towels can effectively sanitise your Thermapen’s probe tip. We offer a range of anti-bacterial probe wipes available to purchase here.

Although the Thermapen ONE & Professional are waterproof and can survive short-term submersion, they cannot be put in the dishwasher. The safest, most hygienic way to clean the body of your Thermapen is using anti-bacterial wipes or spray cleaner.

Thermapen ONE - 1 x AAA

A low battery symbol will appear when the battery needs replacing, in this condition the backlight is set to a low level to save battery life. The instrument continues to measure accurately but we recommend that the battery is changed as soon as possible.

To replace the battery, loosen the battery cover screw using a Pozi (PZ1) screwdriver to remove the battery cover. Replace with a single AAA battery noting the polarity. Tighten the battery cover screw until the battery cover is snug
onto the seal. Do not over-tighten.

Thermapen Classic - 2 x 3 volt CR2032 lithium coin cell

A battery symbol indicates that the batteries will need replacing. The instrument continues to measure accurately but we recommend that the batteries be changed as soon as possible.

To replace the batteries, remove the battery cover using a coin. Remove the batteries by pulling the battery retaining clip back whilst holding the unit upside down. Replace both batteries, positive side up, replace cover.

Thermapen Professional -  1 x AAA

A low battery symbol will appear when the battery needs replacing, in this condition the backlight is set to a low level to save battery life.
The instrument continues to measure accurately but we recommend that the battery is changed as soon as possible.

To replace the battery, remove the battery cover with a pozi (PZ1) screwdriver. Remove the battery by pulling the battery retaining clip back (do not over extend). Replace the battery, positive end first before screwing the battery cover back down.
Please note: Do not use excessive force when refitting the battery cover ensuring it is compressed against the seal.

If you are having any issues replacing the batteries, just contact us via our online contact form and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch to assist.

The Thermapen ONE has a 5-year guarantee, the Classic and the Professional have a 2-year guarantee, we will therefore attempt to fix or replace your Thermapen within this time. If your Thermapen breaks due to customer misuse or is outside its guarantee, our dedicated service team will still endeavour to fix your Thermapen, however this will incur a charge. Please visit our service & repair page for further information.

Cooking with Your Thermapen

Meat, fish, cakes, breads, confectionery, chocolate, reheated food, liquids…Bath water…Margheritas?! Its versatility is endless.

To get an accurate reading with your Thermapen, insert the probe tip into the thickest part of the food you are taking the temperature of. With meat, make an effort to avoid any obvious bone or gristle. 

The best way to take an accurate reading of liquids is firstly to stir the liquid. Follow this by stirring the thermometer probe through the liquid, watching the temperature change as it moves through. 

Each Thermapen comes with a temperature guide which will tell you the exact temperature you need to cook certain foods to achieve cooking perfection. We also have those temperatures listed here.

Head over to our blog which provides further tips, advice and info when cooking with a Thermapen; including the importance of resting and carryover cooking, which is vital to take into consideration when cooking meat.

Ribs that have reached temperature using a Thermapen being taken off the BBQ by a man
A person making an order from their laptop

How does it work?

• Order from our website – Purchase the product(s) via our check out system, selecting which delivery service you’d like.

• Receive a confirmation email – You will receive a confirmation email shortly after purchase.

• Tracking/Delivery – You can see the progress of your order in your Thermapen account; however we will send you a dispatch email once your order has been shipped.

• Delivered – If ordered via a courier service a signature is required before its handed over to ensure your item(s) arrive in your hands safely.

It is quick and easy to set up a Thermapen account, just follow the link here, all we require is your name and contact details. Once your Thermapen account has been set up you will receive 10% off your first purchase, plus benefit from a faster check out and one click re-orders.

You can pay for your Thermapen orders securely with your bank card. We accept payment cards such as Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

How does it work?

1. Enter the details on your bank card.
2. Follow the instructions on the screen.
3. Confirm your identity with the relevant security method.
4. You will be taken back to the Thermapen website where you will receive confirmation of purchase.

Shipping & Delivery

• Standard UK mainland via Royal Mail untracked (arrives within 7 working days).

• UK mainland two-day standard via courier (arrives within 2 working days for all items purchased before 1pm).

• UK mainland next working day delivery via courier (arrives next working day for all items purchased before 1pm).

• Standard UK mainland via Royal Mail costs £5 for all orders under £25.

• FREE DELIVERY on all items over £25.

• UK mainland two-day standard via courier costs £9

• UK mainland next working day delivery costs £24.00

You can see the status of your order in your Thermapen account; however, we will send you an email once your items have been despatched. If ordered via UPS courier, you can contact us via our contact form if you require a tracking number.

If delivered via Royal Mail (standard delivery option) your parcel will be securely held at your local post office. A note of where your parcel is being held along with details of where to collect it will be left.

If delivered via UPS courier (two day or next day delivery), UPS will reattempt delivery up to 3 times before returning your item or sending it a UPS access point. 

Firstly, we are really sorry this has happened. We endeavour to meet the estimated delivery times but sometimes, unfortunately this is out of our hands. But please do not worry, if your item has not arrived within 10 working days of purchase, please contact us via our online contact form and a member of our team will investigate this for you.

Contact us via our online contact form and a team member will be in touch to offer support.

An unoppened delivery box sat on a household table
A red Royal Mail post box on a street

We can only accept returned items 30 days from date of purchase.

Thermapen will charge 25% of invoice value or a minimum of £10.00 to process a return.

All goods returned must be received in their original supplied condition for us to process your return. We are unable to accept and refund any items which have been used or damaged. 

Your refunded payment, minus the charge for us to process the return, will be credited in the form of payment used to make the original purchase.

Service & Repair

Via our online form, please see the process and find the form here.

Our service team will be able to inform you whether your Thermapen is still under guarantee by looking at the serial number. 

A full diagnosis by our service team will take place, they will then debrief you following this.

If your Thermapen breaks outside guarantee or breaks due to customer misuse there will be a charge to fix your Thermapen.

Please see below the set costs for fixing a Thermapen outside its guarantee, broken down by model. 

• Thermapen Classic: £23.00

• Thermapen Professional: £29.50

• Thermapen ONE: £29.00

It’s important to note after our service team have fixed your Thermapen, an additional 1-year guarantee and 2-year manufacturer calibration certification will apply to each fixed Thermapen. Your Thermapen will be as good as new!

A red Thermapen food thermometer with its battery cover off
OVEN & BBQ thermometers
A BBQ Smoke thermometer positioned in front of a cooked pork and herb dish

Our oven and BBQ thermometers have between a one to two year guarantee. The guarantee for each product has been listed below:

DOT Digital Thermometer: 1 year

BlueDOT Bluetooth Thermometer: 1 year

Signals: 1 year

Billows: 1 year

Smoke: 1 year

ChefAlarm: 1 year

ThermaQ Wi-Fi Professional: 2 years

ThermaQ Blue Thermometer: 2 years

ThermaQ 2 Four Channel Thermocouple: 2 years

If the device breaks within its guarantee period, please visit our service & repair page to arrange a return.

All our oven and smoke thermometers have a built-in alarm, allowing you to set your desired temperature and leave your cooks until the alarm has sounded. Utilising one of our smart thermometers means you avoid opening either your oven or BBQ throughout the cook, therefore no unnecessary heat is lost.

A few of our oven and smoke thermometers have built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor your cooks remotely via the free downloadable app, available on any smart device.

For the serious cooks and BBQers amongst us, the free app provides a graph output allowing you to monitor temperature trends. The app is designed specially to make cooking processes easy to replicate.

Our range of oven and BBQ thermometers are designed to use alongside our digital instant-read thermometers. These smart devices capture your cook at its prime temperature and our instant-read thermometers are there to spot check, ensuring your meat is cooked throughout.

Put your mind at ease and let our thermometers do the work, they will guarantee perfectly cooked food, every time.

Our range of oven and BBQ thermometers are ideal for monitoring slow cooks over long periods of time. Large joints of meat such as pulled pork or brisket are perfect for cooking with our smart thermometers, as you can continue your day and relax in the knowledge that you will be notified if your meat or pit temperature falls out of range.

A few of our oven and BBQ thermometers are also supplied with a pit probe allowing you to monitor the air temperature of your BBQ. Excellent for maintaining control over low and slow cooks where pit temperature is critical.

Some of our oven and BBQ products have built in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi allowing them to connect to a free downloadable application, available on any smartphone device.

Our developers have created two apps to suit our range of products. Each app has been designed specially to run in conjunction with a certain product. Please see below:

The ThermaQ app:

• ThermaQ Blue Thermometer with Bluetooth

• ThermaQ Wi-Fi Professional

Thermoworks app:

•  Signals

• BlueDOT Bluetooth thermometer

Both apps allow you to track/monitor your cooks remotely and save your previous methods for easy replication.

If your oven & BBQ thermometer breaks within the guarantee period you can send the broken device to us for us to evaluate. If the broken device is classified as a warranty claim we will send you a new device. To start a returns process please visit our service & repair page.

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