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Thermapens are hand-manufactured in Britain and we strive for

perfection in every single product we produce. One of the true advantages of being a manufacturer is that we know exactly how our products work and how to repair them.

1. Complete the form

To return your faulty item, please fill in our online Returns form by clicking on the title above or button below. Specify ‘repair’ and fill the form in as thoroughly as possible to ensure the Thermapen service team have a comprehensive understanding of the issue, which will assist in a rapid diagnosis.

2. Confirmation email

After you have submitted your online form, you will receive an automated confirmation email with your unique case number and details of where to send your broken Thermapen to. Please take note of your unique case number and the return address.

3. Post your item

Please securely package your Thermapen along with your unique case number to the address sent to you in your confirmation email.

4. Payment

If your item is outside warranty, we will send you a quote before beginning repairs. If you are happy with the amount, please respond to the email, we will then begin repairs. If after receiving your quote, you don’t wish for us to repair your item plese respond to the email and let us know and we can discuss the next steps.

5. Repair

The Thermapen service and delivery team will endeavour to fix your item promptly. If they require any further information, they will contact you directly. You will also receive automatic updates about the progress of your repair to your email.

6. Return

After the item has been fixed, we will safely package and post your item. Once the service team have received your Thermapen, the process of fixing and returning your Thermapen should take no longer than 5-7working days depending on the volume of work.

the Returns process

Thermapen is committed to supporting our customers and our service & delivery team are equipped with the best resources to do this. All repairs and servicing are undertaken in-house to give an unrivalled after-sales service.

Service & Repairs FAQ

Via our online form, please see the process and find the form above.

Our service team will be able to inform you whether your Thermapen is still under warranty by looking at the serial number. 

A full diagnosis by our service team will take place, they will then debrief you following this.

If your Thermapen breaks outside warranty or breaks due to customer fault there will be a charge to fix your Thermapen.

Please see below the set costs for fixing a Thermapen outside its warranty, broken down by model.


Thermapen Classic: £23.00


Thermapen Professional: £29.50


Thermapen One: £29.00


It’s important to note that after our service team have fixed your Thermapen, an additional 1-year warranty and 2-year manufacturer calibration certification will apply to each fixed Thermapen. Your Thermapen will be as good as new!

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