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Cooking to temperature, not time, is our core belief at Thermapen. To share our passion for this way of cooking, we have built an epic #TeamTemperature community full of talented cooks who share our values and create perfectly cooked food with Thermapen. 

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Limited edition printed
thermapen ONE

To celebrate our growing community, we have introduced our own limited edition #TeamTemperature Thermapen ONE. This is another incentive to join the juicy food evolution and cook to temperature not time. 


The Thermapen ONE is our best model yet, reading temperatures in just one second. It also has an auto-rotating screen and backlit display and is loved and used endlessly across our community. 


The combination of the Thermapen ONE's intuitive design plus our new #TeamTemperature print makes it a must have tool.

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Reap the rewards of our generous influencer scheme when you help us

promote cooking to temperature. 

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