Team Temperature

This summer we are looking to spread the message that cooking to temperature not time is key to creating perfectly cooked food.
Let's create awareness across the UK! Scroll down and help us settle the debate. Our goal is to persuade people to join #TEAMTEMPERATURE by proving that cooking to temperature is key to creating BBQ perfection.
why cook to temperature?

Eliminate uncertainty about whether your food is cooked to your preference with one swift temperature check. 

Meat isn’t cheap. Ensuring it’s perfectly cooked, every time means it won’t go to waste.

Reassure yourself and your guests that your food is safe to eat, in just seconds. 

The unpredictable nature of BBQ’s makes it impossible to cook to time and produce perfectly cooked food, every time. 

Supermarkets will overcompensate on a cooking time to ensure meats are safe to eat, leaving you with dry overcooked meat when cooked to their suggested time.  

help us settle the debate
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Use #teamtemperature and tag @thermapen to help us spread the message!

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