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Program Benefits
Temperature over time is the
key to creating perfectly cooked food. Join our influencer scheme to help spread this message whilst benefiting from our generous reward scheme.
Generous rewards

Earn 20% commission on all qualifying purchases generated by traffic you’ve bought to our website.

Nothing is off limits

Earn rewards from each and every product available on our website. Even if a customer buys a different product to the one linked, you will still receive 20% commission from the product purchased.

Easy to get started

Easy application process, follow the step-by-step process here.

Join Our Community

Join our Thermapen community and get exclusive insight into upcoming news, events and launches.

Get Featured

We'll share and tag your content on our social pages.

Grow your following

Benefit from exclusive discount codes to share with your following.

Ready to apply?

Influencer FAQ

Yes, if a user clicks through your Thermapen ONE affiliate links and ends up purchasing a different product, you will still earn 20% commission from the product purchased. 

We only have product page links available, however if a user clicks through your affiliate link for a certain product, for example a Thermapen ONE, and ends up purchasing a different product for example a Smoke, you will still earn a reward.

Applying to our influencer scheme is so easy to do. We have also created a step by step breakdown detailing the application process, from start to finish. Click here to find out more.

We assess each application on a case to case basis. If you are foodie, looking to promote the importance of cooking to temperature over time, we would love to have you on board.

Whether you've got 100 followers or 100,000 followers, if you believe in our brand you will make a perfect edition to our team. However, having your own social platforms and/or website is essential. 

Yes, you can apply to the influencer scheme if you live outside the UK. However, please note a custom fee will apply for all orders made outside the UK. 

Ways to promote
Stuck with ideas on how to direct consumers to our website?
See below some great ways to get linking and start earning.
A white Iphone being used to take an image of a bowl of food
Social channels

Link us and tag us on your social media platforms. If the link directs customers successfully to our website and a purchase is made you will start earning. This is a great way to reach an engaged audience.

A chef garnishing a plate of food in a professional style kitchen

Create recipes which incorporate the Thermapen as a key tool. This is a great form of promotion as it demonstrates the importance of using a Thermapen when creating certain dishes.

A Birdseye view of a mac on a wooden table with an iPhone and glass of water either side

Advertise us in your blogs and create engaging content around how using a Thermapen is key to creating amazing tasting food.

A laptop sat on a wooden table in someones home

Linking us across your websites is a great, interactive way to divert traffic to the Thermapen website. Link building on your website is also a great way to improve your SEO ranking.

A videographer taking content through a black camera positioned in a tripod
Video content

Videos are becoming increasingly popular; people like to watch videos relating to a product or service before making a purchase. Creating video content displaying the Thermapen in use, this is a great way to generate sales and ultimately increase the size of rewards for you!

A lady speaking through a microphone, recording a podcast

Podcasts are also a great platform for promotion. Your avid podcast listeners will love hearing about the latest gadgets on the market and a Thermapen is bound to impress them! It’s a great way to generate sales from a targeted audience.

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