Thermapen Buyer's Guide

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Thermapen is a digital food thermometer loved by professional chefs and home cooks worldwide. Renowned for its sleek, high quality and functional design, it’s made to integrate seamlessly into your cooking and enhance every dish. 



There are a few things that set Thermapens apart from their budget counterparts. 

Intuitive Features

Designed for professional chefs, Thermapens are loaded with features that make temperature checks a seamless part of your cooking. Benefits like the auto on/off function, rotating display and backlight change the game. 

Precise Technology

Speed and accuracy are the fundamentals of a good kitchen thermometer, especially for dishes like steaks and confectionery where precision is everything. That’s why you’ll find Thermapen’s fast and accurate readings unmatched. 

Made in Britain

Quality is at the heart of every Thermapen. Designed and handmade in Britain, they undergo 13 different quality checks during production. Their robust designs are also backed up with lengthy guarantees — because they’re made to last for years to come.

Star of the Show

You might have spotted Thermapen on a few of your favourite cooking shows, and it's no surprise why. This precision tool has become a beloved staple for celebrity chefs and home cooks alike, adding a touch of professionalism to every kitchen, just like the experts on TV.

What can I use a Thermapen for?

Thermapens are designed to measure the temperature of absolutely any semi-solid or liquid food. That means everything from roast chicken and pan-fried steaks to jam and tempered chocolate. 

Popular uses for Thermapen:

• Roast dinners

• BBQ meats 

• Jam, chocolate and other sweets

• Cake and bread 

• Frying oil 

• Reheating leftovers 


Which Thermapen
should I buy?

The essential kitchen thermometer for every food lover. Reliable design and readings you can trust. 

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Perfect for: 

All cooks looking to level up their skills. 

• Super fast 3-second readings

• Accurate to ±0.4 °C

• Splashproof

• 2-year guarantee

• 1,500-hour battery life

• Free calibration certificate

• Sleek folding design


The ultimate food thermometer for cooking lovers. Ultra-fast readings and loaded with features to make your cooking easier and better.

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Perfect for: 

Pro cooks who love innovative gadgets. 

• Unrivalled 1-second readings

• Accurate to ±0.3 °C

• Waterproof

• 5-year guarantee

• 2,000-hour battery life 

• Free calibration certificate

• Sleek folding design

• Intelligent screen

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