Smoke Wireless Barbecue Thermometer

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Smoke Wireless BBQ thermometer and receiver

  • Includes two probes, one for meat and one for the pit
  • Monitor your cook up to 300 feet away with the Smoke receiver 
  • Arrives pre-paired with receiver – no setup required
  • Water-resistant, suitable for all weather conditions 
  • Dashboard-style display, clearly shows max/min & hi/low alarms
  • Both the Smoke device and receiver have a large backlit display


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SKU: 825-070

The Smoke Barbecue Thermometer has been designed for all those who want to enjoy a stress free BBQ. With two probe connectors, users can monitor the temperatures of their meat and pit simultaneously, excellent for maintaining control over low and slow cooks where pit temperature is critical. The device has the option to set both high and low alarms, useful for any unruly BBQ's. Probes are included.

The Smoke has a wireless range of 300 feet and the display's large digits are viewable from a distance. The Smoke is supplied pre-paired with the receiver so it works straight out of the box with no set-up required between the Smoke and Smoke receiver.

Key Features of The SMoke
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Accepts Two Probes

The Smoke accepts two probes, one for the meat and one for the pit and can track each probe independently with settable high and low alarms. The temperature for each probe channel is clearly divided on the screen. Probes included.

Pro-Series Probes

The Smoke uses Pro-Series Probes which are interchangeable with probes that fit the Smoke, ChefAlarm or DOT.

Set Your Temperature

After you've selected your desired temperature utilising the up and down buttons, set the temperature using this button.

Water Resistant

The Smoke features a rugged housing with moulded-in seals for splash-proof protection, suitable for all weather conditions.


Built-in backlight for low light conditions.

Up & Down Temperature Settings

Use the up & down arrows to set your desired high & low temperatures.

Pre-paired Receiver

The smoke is supplied pre-paired with its receiver. The receiver has a 300 feet range so allows you to monitor the temperature of your cook away from the BBQ.


Built-in backlight for low light conditions.

Easy To Read Screen

The Smoke receiver has the temperature for each channel clearly divided across its LCD screen, replicating the temperature on the Smoke device, allowing you to monitor your cooks from a distance.

Handsfree Device

Convenient neck-strap, freeing up your hands whilst still ensuring the device remains on you, alerting you when your food has reached temperature or is dropping in temperature.


High & low alarms for each channel. Either alarming you when your meat is cooked or when its time to add more fuel to the fire!

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Product Details

Data sheet

Range:50 to 300°C
Accuracy:±1.0°C from -20 to 120°C : ±2.0°C from -50 to -20°C / 120 to 200°C: ±3.0°C from 200 to 300°C
Battery:Smoke: 2x AA & Receiver: 2x AA
Battery life:1800 hours
Sensor type:thermistor
Display:Smoke- 51 x 75 mm - Receiver- 54.6 x 33 mm
Dimensions:Smoke: 96 x 119 x 25.6 mmReceiver: 107 x 52 x 25.6 mm
Case material:ABS plastic
Guarantee:one year
Water / dust resistance:IP65 protection
Measurement scale:Celsius / Fahrenheit

Specific References

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Customer Reviews

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Alan White
Game changer

Excellent product telling me exactly what my ambient temp and internal food temp is

Top Of The Shop

I am old and remember rubbish Brit cars, machinery and more here in New Zealand. The Thermapen Smoke has washed away those horror memories. It is well made, easy to use and, and, it works. Thermopen is the Formula 1 of thermometers.

Angus W.
Well designed & built.

I've used it once and it worked very well. Easy to set up - just turn it on and let it connect. The range & alarm volume is very good as well - I live on the 2nd floor of a flat, with a shared garden, so I can set it up an hang the receiver in the window and just listen for the alarm.
I was getting too tired of going up and down the stairs every 30 mins...
The accuracy & transmission rate from the sender to receiver is good as well.

Nicola C.
Great !

Fantastic bit of kit , so well made and easy to use . Quality

Quentin E.
Fantastic bit of kit.

Bought this just in time for the good weather and end of lockdown. Love it so much we are using it for our oven as well as our BBQ. Easy to set up and so easy to use. All at a very reasonable price.

825-070 C of C

Certificate of Conformity for 825-070 Smoke Wireless Thermometer

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