Pro-Series High Temp Right Angle Penetration Probe

Oven & BBQ meat roasting probe Ø3.5 x 150

  • Accurate temperatures up to 300 °C
  • Curved design for whole birds and large joints
  • Designed for continuous monitoring in ovens & BBQs
  • Compatible with DOT, ChefAlarm, Smoke & Signals

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SKU: 810-071

The Pro-Series High Temp Right Angle Penetration Probe is a general-purpose food probe for oven and BBQ cooking. Insert the probe into roast or smoked meats to continuously monitor them as they cook. 

The long probe means it can accurately monitor the centre of large pieces of meat, whilst the right angle shape makes it easier to remove after cooking. 

This robust penetration probe reads temperatures between 50 °C and 300 °C. The 1.2-metre stainless steel lead can also withstand heat up to 370 °C — perfect for high-temperature grilling. Need a longer lead? Check out the Pro Series Cable Extension to add an extra metre to your probe. 

The Pro-Series probe range is compatible with the DOT, BlueDOT, ChefAlarm, Smoke and Signals thermometers. Check out the full range to switch up your probes for different dishes and achieve better results. 

Designed for professional chefs, the Pro-Series Probes feature fast readings, high accuracy, wide temperature ranges and robust designs that will survive tough cooking environments. 

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