TeamTemperature Thermapen ONE

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Join the community cooking to temperature, not time, with our limited edition #TeamTemperature Thermapen One. 

  • 1-second temperature readings 
  • Intuitive display
  • Robust, waterproof casing
  • High accuracy of ±0.3 °C 
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Readings between -49.9 and 299 °C
  • 2,000-hour battery life 
  • Designed and made in Britain
  • Free traceable calibration certificate

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The Juicy Food Evolution


Join the community of home chefs and famous faces cooking to temperature, not time, with the #TeamTemperature Thermapen ONE 

Traditionally, home cooks are often taught to rely on cooking times to know when their food is done. But food science says that temperature is the superior method, resulting in food that is safer, juicer and more delicious. And the process is easier and more enjoyable, too. 

We started the #TeamTemperature movement to raise awareness of this, and now we have an amazing community of Instagram cooks who regularly share their delicious food cooked perfectly to temperature with us using the hashtag.

The #TeamTemperature Thermapen ONE is a celebration of our community and another encouragement to join us in the juicy food evolution.

Your Cooking, But Better

The Thermapen ONE is the ultimate cooking thermometer. Designed for chefs and loved by home cooks, it delivers fast and accurate results every time.

The intuitive display is designed for easy reading in any setting, while the robust, waterproof casing makes it fully BBQ or kitchen-ready. And it can be used on almost anything — we’ve seen our Instagram followers use theirs on everything from steaks and gourmet chocolates to bath water and baked potatoes! 



Armed with the ONE, you can confidently take on any cooking challenge. 

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Thermapen ONE Instructions

Instructions for Thermapen ONE Thermometer

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Thermapen ONE Guidebook

Guidebook for Thermapen ONE thermometer

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Thermapen ONE CofC

Thermapen ONE Certificate of Conformity

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