• SuperFast Thermapen 4 thermometer

    SuperFast Thermapen® 4
    with auto-rotating display

    • wide range of uses including roasts, bbq & baking
    • truly ambidextrous - use in either hand
    • 3 second temperature readings!
    • intelligent backlit display
    • waterproof case

    £64.80 inc VAT

  • SuperFast Thermapen 3 - Unique Case Designs - Limited Stock

    SuperFast Thermapen® 3
    unique designs

    • ensures food is cooked correctly every time
    • temperature range -49.9 to 299.9 °C
    • 3 second temperature readings!
    • durable, splashproof case
    • available whilst stocks last

    Only £36.00 inc VAT

  •  ThermaQ - two channel thermocouple thermometer

    ThermaQ® Thermometer
    with two channel type K input

    • current & max/min readings displayed for both probes
    • audible alarm with variable volume control
    • ideal for oven, smoker & bbq cooking
    • programmable high & low alarm
    • durable, waterproof housing

    £100.80 inc VAT

  • Classic SuperFast Thermapen 3 digital thermometer

    Classic SuperFast Thermapen® 3
    accurate readings in just 3 seconds!

    • the world's fastest reading kitchen thermometer
    • temperature range -49.9 to 299.9 °C
    • FREE traceable calibration certificate
    • over 50% faster than traditional probes

    and much more...

    £51.60 inc VAT

  • DOT digital oven & BBQ thermometer

    DOT Digital BBQ & Oven Thermometer
    with 70dB audible alarm

    • set your own target temperatures
    • supplied with penetration probe
    • 5 second temperature readings
    • large LCD, easy to use
    • additional probes available

    £31.80 inc VAT

  • order code: 234-407
    £64.80 inc VAT In production - backorder only

    SuperFast Thermapen 4 - perfect for cooking turkey, poultry, meat and fish! • patented, automatic 360° rotational display• readable display in left or right hand• auto intelligent backlight• waterproof to IP66/67• improved battery life of 3000 hours

    £64.80 inc VAT
    In production - backorder only
  • order code: 231-247
    £51.60 inc VAT in stock

    A Classic SuperFast Thermapen® 3 thermometer is fast, accurate colourful and used by chefs and BBQ enthusiasts worldwide.  • temperature readings in just 3 seconds!• Biomaster casing reduces bacterial growth• °C to °F reconfigurable• water-resistant case 

    £51.60 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 231-140
    £66.00 inc VAT in stock

    Thermapen Burger Probe - cook the perfect burger!8mm or 12mm burger temperature probe ensures burgers are perfectly cooked ultra fast temperature readings foldaway probe design FREE traceable calibration certificate

    £66.00 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 231-011
    £82.80 inc VAT in stock

    Sous Vide Thermapen® 3 thermometer with miniature needle probe • Ø1.1 x 60 mm tip is ideal for delicate foods • guaranteed to read the full temperature in 3 seconds • ideal for use in Sous Vide cooking • over 50% faster than traditional probes • water resistant case

    £82.80 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 231-217-GB
    £36.00 inc VAT £48.00 -25% in stock

    Limited Edition Printed Thermapen 3 • produced in limited numbers!• unique and collectible designs• high quality printed case design• personalise your Thermapen 3  

    £36.00 inc VAT £48.00 -25%
    in stock
  • order code: 231-212
    £66.00 inc VAT in stock

    Thermapen Surface - Thermapen 3 with surface temperature probeideal for grills, griddles, hotplates, pipe temperatures etc temperature range -49.9 to 299.9 °C lightweight, compact & easy to use foldaway stainless steel probe probe dimensions 8mm diameter x 95mm 2 year guarantee

    £66.00 inc VAT
    in stock
  • order code: 231-214
    £66.00 inc VAT available

    Thermapen® Air -  thermometer with air temperature probe .Ideal for HVAC applications one-handed operation auto-power on/off facility foldaway stainless steel probe lightweight, compact & easy to use

    £66.00 inc VAT
  • order code: 231-307
    £36.00 inc VAT £48.00 -25% in stock

    SuperFast Thermapen® 3 Discounted Colours!  • temperature readings in just 3 seconds!• Biomaster casing reduces bacterial growth• °C to °F reconfigurable• water-resistant case• *No further discounts apply to these prices 

    £36.00 inc VAT £48.00 -25%
    in stock

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