Leg of lamb, cooked to perfection on the chopping board with green granish around and Thermapen ONE Yellow on the side
Green Thermapen Classic taking the temperature of a chocolate cake, with easter elements around
A girl holding Team Temperature Thermapen up in an outdoor BBQ shack wearing Team Temperature sweater and a hat
The DOT alarm thermometer placed next to the BBQ waiting for the alarm to sound at 73 degrees and the currect is 70 degrees

Cooking Thermometers for Perfect Results

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Make overdone meat
a thing of the past

A quality cooking thermometer will ensure your meat is perfectly juicy every time. Whether you're using a BBQ or oven or preparing steak or turkey – perfection is achieved with our meat thermometers. Cooking to temperature is the most effective way of checking that your food is safe to eat without being overcooked and dry.

  • Introducing the NEW Pizza IR thermometer 🍕🍕
Our new infrared thermometer is here to help you perfect your pizza making!
What we love about it 👇
🍕 Accurate readings up to 550 °C
🍕 Laser pointer for easy targeting
🍕 Easily switch between °C and °F
🍕 10-second hold function
Visit thermapen.co.uk to check out the latest addition to our range.
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  • We’ve got some juicy Easter recipe inspo for you 😍

Which one’s your favourite? 👇

1 — Herb-crusted rack of lamb with carrot, leek and parmesan pearl barley
2 — Rotisserie Greek leg of lamb with tomato orzo by @thesmokinelk
3 — Classic roast leg of lamb with crispy roast potatoes and white wine leeks
4 — Butterflied leg of lamb with a spiced honey and parsley glaze by @thenotecook

DM us to get the recipes 🔪

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  • 🌡️ All the temperatures and tips you need this Easter. We've got you covered 👊

Make sure to save this post for easy reference. If you have any temperature-related questions, DM us or comment below! 🌸
  • Looking for Mother's Day recipe inspiration? 🌸 Look no further!
Our blog is bursting with a variety of mouth-watering recipes tailored to every taste bud. From fancy confit, air fryer salmon, to a comforting chicken ras el hanout, we've got you covered!
We’ve also got a range of sweet treats. Check out the link in our bio for all these delicious recipes.

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  • These colour combos are making us excited for Spring! 🌼🌸

Get a free hand illustrated tea towel with every White & Pink Thermapen One ✨

These make the perfect gift or the ideal accessory to brighten up your kitchen ☀️
  • February #TeamTemperature roundup 🔥

Another month of being inspired by everything you guys make using your Thermapens 🤩

Temperature is the only way to make food look this good 👊

  • Is an inaccurate oven temperature ruining your cooking? 🧐

Make sure it's on track with the DOT 👊

Free Pro-Series Oven Probe with every DOT for a limited time! Enter the code OVEN-PROBE at checkout. 

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  • Herb-crusted rack of lamb 🌿
Good quality meat and fresh herbs make this recipe by @thenotecook an essential meal for spring.
Whole rack of lamb – French trimmed, 8 bones
10g Dijon mustard
20g fresh tarragon
20g fresh basil
50g fresh parsley
100g fresh breadcrumbs
Olive oil
Salted butter
Salt and pepper
1. Preheate your oven to 190 °C
2. Score the fat in a criss-cross pattern using a sharp knife. Season well with sat. 
3. Add 1 tsp olive oil to a heavy bottomed, oven proof pan. Place the rack of lamb fat-side down into the pan while it is still off the heat, then turn the heat on low. Slowly bring the pan up to a medium heat to ensure the fat renders all the way through.
4. Slowly render the fat by keeping the lamb fat-side down in the pan on a low to medium heat for around 15 minutes.
5. Blend parsley, tarragon, basil and breadcrumbs together with salt and pepper. Empty the mixture onto a plate that is at least the same size as the rack of lamb.
6. Add a large knob of butter to the pan and transfer to the oven, keeping the lamb fat-side down. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 43 – 45 °C.
7. Remove the pan from the oven, flip the rack of lamb and brush the fat with Dijon mustard before rolling in the herb and breadcrumb mixture. 
8. Transfer the lamb back to the pan with the herb-crusted fat facing upwards. Place back in the oven and cook to 55 °C. 
9. Remove the pan from the oven and allow the lamb to rest on a rack or tray for 10 minutes.
#Thermapen #TeamTemperature #Lamb #LambRecipe #MediumRare #RackOfLamb #HomeCooking
  • Baked salmon steaks with crunchy Thai salad 🌶️
Packed with vitamins and omega 3, this quick and healthy recipe makes the perfect midweek meal 💪🏻.
Serves 4 – 6.
For the salmon: 
	•	4-6 salmon steaks
	•	Olive oil
	•	2 lemons (thinly sliced)
	•	Seasoning
For the dressing:
	•	3 garlic cloves (crushed)
	•	3cm fresh ginger (grated)
	•	Zest and juice of 1 lime
	•	50ml light soy sauce
	•	50g honey
	•	250ml peanut oil
	•	50ml sesame oil
For the salad:
500g frozen edamame beans
400g kale
3 large carrots (peeled)
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
50g fresh coriander
2 spring onions
Sesame and pumpkin seeds
	1.	Cook the edamame beans according to the packet.
	2.	Thinly slice the baby kale, carrot, peppers, spring onions and coriander. Mix together.
	3.	Toast your sesame and pumpkin seeds and add to the salad.
	4.	To make the dressing combine all ingredients. Keep enough to spoon over each salmon steak. Add the remaining to the salad.
	5.	Season the salmon with salt, pepper and oil.
	6.	Line a baking dray with the slices of lemon. Place each piece of salmon skin-side down onto the lemon slices.
	7.	Bake the salmon until it reaches around 60C.
	8.	Drizzle the steaks with the left-over dressing and serve with a generous amount of salad.

#salmon #salmondinner #midweekmeals #dinnerideas #healthyrecipes #teamtemperature
  • Are you team cakey or team fudgy? 🍫

Whichever you prefer, we’ve got you covered with temperatures for both 🌡️🙌

Check out @mykitchendrawer's air fryer brownies recipe to make yours exactly how you like them. Recipe link in our bio. 

#Thermapen #TeamTemperature #AirFryerRecipes #ChocolateBrownies
  • Sirloin steaks and peppercorn sauce with herb-crusted mushrooms. The perfect Valentine’s Day recipe to share with your partner or friend. Or better yet, enjoy it all by yourself. 

#thermapen #teamtemperature #vdayrecipces #steaklovers #steaktips #cookingram #peppercornsauce #perfectsteakeverytime
  • Did you know that cooking chicken to 75 °C and holding it there for 30 seconds is the same as cooking it to 65 °C for 10 minutes? 🤯
Getting a safe and juicy result from your cooking is actually all about temperature and time combinations. Factor in carryover cooking too, and you’ve got the recipe for perfectly done meat every time.
#Thermapen #TeamTemperature #ChickenLovers #CookingLovers
  • Why is resting meat is essential and how to do it right 🍗🤤

Click the link in our bio for the full guide by @thenotecook

#Thermapen #TeamTemperature #MeatLovers #UKBBQ #Steak

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