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Overcooked meat and continuously tending to firepits are a thing of the past with our range of BBQ thermometers. From simply barbecuing sausages to slow cooking pork brisket, Thermapen have a digital thermometer to suit every BBQ challenge.
“Since learning to cook meat to temperature using a Thermapen many years ago, having accuracy and control in my barbecuing has allowed me to explore my cooking creativity”
Marcus Bawdon
Author of Food and Fire
BBQ with confidence
The days of cutting open a sausage or chicken drumstick to check whether it’s cooked are over. With Thermapen’s range of smoke thermometers you can read the internal temperature of any meat while it’s still on the BBQ and know with confidence when it’s cooked through. We have a vast selection of BBQ thermometers designed to suit every barbecuing occasion.
Our recommended Thermapen BBQ & Smoke Thermometers

The Smoke is perfect for those who don’t wish to continually watch over their BBQ. With two probe connectors, confidently monitor the temperature of your meat and firepit simultaneously. The Smoke is pre-paired with a separate wireless receiver which will allow you to monitor your temperatures up to 300 feet away. 

The Signals 4-Channel BBQ Thermometer is the ultimate tool for monitoring up to three meats plus your fire pit simultaneously.
The Signals 4-Channel Thermometer has built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which seamlessly connects to an app on your smartphone. Monitor multiple meats, plus the temperature of your pit, on the go via the free smartphone application.

We have designed and manufactured the Billows Fan as an add-on to the Signals 4-Channel Thermometer. Whilst the Signals Thermometer monitors the temperature of your pit, the Billows Fan will ensure your pit quickly reaches prime temperature. When connected to your Signals Thermometer, the Billows Fan will ensure your pit maintains precise temperature control, without having to worry about any flare ups, burn-outs, vent adjustments, or tending the coals.

The ThermaQ 2 can monitor up to four temperatures at once and is compatible with a wide range of probes, ideal for monitoring both pit and meat temperatures. Simple to use with no connection or app required, simply program your desired temperatures, and wait for the alarm to sound. This device can also be paired with the Billows Fan for complete control over your longer cooks.

The essential thermometer for monitoring your cooks, the DOT is a simple smoke & oven thermometer that will alert you when your food is perfectly done. Simply program your desired temperature, insert the probe into the centre of your meat and attach it to your BBQ using the magnetic pads. The DOT will sound loudly once reached the set temperature.  

The BlueDOT Barbecue Bluetooth Thermometer has all of the same great features as the DOT, but with the added option of connecting to a free app, available on any smartphone. This will allow you to digitally monitor your meat throughout the cook

Of course, our flagship product, the Thermapen ONE, is a must-have when barbequing. The ultra-fine probe makes it perfect for spot checking wings, sausages, and other smaller meats on the BBQ to ensure these are cooked to perfection.

The ChefAlarm is a high-quality, versatile, count up/down digital thermometer. It’s useful for cooking food on the BBQ, as not only will it alert you when your food has reached a set temperature (similar to the DOT) but will also alert your when food drops in temperature. If your BBQ is therefore loosing heat and the internal temperature of your meat drops, the alarm will sound. The ChefAlarm is hugely useful when cooking with unruly BBQs,  designed specifically to make all your BBQ challenges easier. The ChefAlarm also has a built-in timer so it is essentially two products in one! 

Stuck with what BBQ Thermometer to buy?
Thermapen One.​

One second, instant, accurate readings and easy to use.
Perfect for: Barbequing all types of meat, large or small, ideal for spot checking through out your cook.

Signals 4-Channel BBQ Thermometer.

Monitor four temperatures
. Perfect for: Roasts, low and slow recipes, and other larger cooks.


Maintains constant temperature control.
Perfect for: Slow cooks when paired with the Signals.


Dual probes for meat and pit.
Perfect for: Smoked meats such as brisket, pulled pork and ribs.

ThermaQ 2 Four Channel Thermocouple Thermometer.

Can take up to four temperatures simultaneously & compatible with a wide range of probes
 for certain cooks. Perfect for: Tandoori & pizza ovens and high temperature grilling.

DOT Digital Thermometer.​

Loud alarm to alert when your food has reached set temperature.
Perfect for: Cooking succulent roasts.

ChefAlarm Cooking Timer & Thermometer.​

Loud alarm to alert you when your food has reached temperature whilst also alerting you if your food drops in temperature. Built in kitchen timer.
Perfect for: Barbequing all types of meat.

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