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Turkey is notoriously tricky to cook, with many a Christmas and Thanksgiving spoiled by turkey stress and dry birds. Using a turkey thermometer to cook your bird to temperature, and avoid cooking times, is the answer to a safe, succulent, stress-free centrepiece. Learn more about how to cook a delicious turkey by clicking the button below.

Never Miss a Temperature

Remove the guesswork and know exactly when your meat is ready to come off the heat. 

Whether you’re looking to create succulent oven roasts or mouthwatering low and slow BBQ dishes, our range of meat thermometers make cooking challenges easy. 

From simple alarm thermometers, to probes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, we have an option for every cook. 

How do leave-in meat thermometers work?

Set your temperature, insert your probe and wait to be notified once your food is cooked. Using a leave-in thermometer to monitor your meat temperatures is that simple. 

Depending on how high-tech you like your thermometer, our oven probes range from the ultra simple DOT which will give you an audible alert, to the Smoke which can be monitored using its pre-paired wireless receiver, or the ultimate Signals, which you can track using our smartphone app for complete control. 

Which is the best leave-in meat thermometer for me?

Our single probe thermometers, such as the DOT and ChefAlarm, are ideal for roasting joints of meat in the oven or BBQ. For low and slow meats like pulled pork and brisket, dual probe thermometers like the Smoke and ThermaQ thermometers are perfect because they can also monitor pit temperatures. For huge BBQ feasts where you need to monitor lots of different meats at once, the Signals’ four channels have got you covered. 

Once your smoker thermometer has alerted that your food is cooked, we always recommend spot checking meat all over using an instant-read thermometer like the Thermapen ONE, just to ensure it has come to temperature throughout. 

Customisable for every cook

The beauty of our thermometers is that they are compatible with a wide range of interchangeable probes, so you can tailor your thermometer to you and customise it with every cook. 

But don’t let your probes get in a tangle. Our magnetic, stackable probe spools will keep your wires organised and protected from damage, while our coloured probe rings will also ensure you never get confused about which probe is where. Shop our full range of accessories below.

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