DOT Digital Thermometer

Monitor the internal temperature of oven and BBQ foods as they cook 
  • Easy two-button setup 
  • Monitor from outside the oven using the digital display
  • Loud alarm when food has reached temperature 
  • Oven & BBQ safe food probe included 


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DOT leave-In food thermometer 

The DOT oven probe thermometer is the simplest way to monitor food as it cooks and know exactly when it’s done. Designed to make everything from Sunday roasts to summer BBQs easy and more delicious, you’ll never have to feel unsure whether your food is cooked again. 

How to use the DOT

  • Press the power button on the back of the instrument to switch it on. 
  • Set your desired temperature by pressing the up/down arrows located on either side of the screen. 
  • Insert the probe into the centre of your food.
  • Use the magnetic pads on the back of the instrument to fix the DOT display to the outside of your oven or stand it on the side. Please note the screen is not oven or BBQ-safe, and it shouldn't be secured to hot surfaces. 
  • Place your meat into the oven and close the door or lid. 
  • Watch the temperature climb on the DOT and wait for the audible alert once it reaches temperature. 

Switchable probes

Change up your probes to suit different cooks with the Pro-Series range. Bakers will love the Oven Probe to ensure consistently accurate baking temperatures. The Mini Needle Probe is perfect for monitoring thin and delicate foods like ribs or fish. 

DOT features

  • Loud 70db alarm
  • -50 to 300 °C temperature range 
  • Large backlit LCD display 
  • Probe included with 1.2-metre heatproof lead
  • ±1 °C accuracy 
  • Magnetic backing and footstand included  

Key Features of The DOT
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Easy-to-Use Buttons

Simply press these buttons to set the temperature as high or as low as desired. The DOT’s temperature range is -50 to 300°C.

Probe & Lead

Each unit is supplied with a 114 mm penetration probe (810-078) with a 1.2 metre stainless steel, heatproof braided lead. Designed to survive in hot oven and BBQ conditions.

The Display

Large LCD display with backlight displaying the DOT’s current temperature reading.

Audible Alarm

Loud 70dB audible alarm when the DOT has reached the desired temperature as displayed on the screen.

Water-Resistant Casing

Housed in a durable, water-resistant casing.


Simply turn the device on when ready to use and off once finished.

Battery life

The DOT has a 5,000-hour battery life. The batteries are also easily changeable to 2 x 1.5-volt AAA.

Magnetic Pads

For easy attachment on the outside of your oven/BBQ.


A fold-out stand if you wish to sit your DOT on your worktop.
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Product Details

Data sheet

Range:-50 to 300°C
Accuracy:±1°C (-20 to 120 °C)
Battery:2 x 1.5 volt AAA
Battery life:5000 hours
Sensor type:thermistor
Display:custom LCD
Dimensions:24 x Ø80mm
Weight:97 grams excluding probe
Case material:ABS plastic
Guarantee:one year
Water / dust resistance:IP65 protection
Measurement scale:Celsius / Fahrenheit

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DOT Instructions

DOT Digital Oven Thermometer Instructions

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