Silicone Coloured Probe Rings

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Coloured thermometer probe rings for wired thermometers

  • Designed for thermometers with multiple channels 
  • Easily identify which probe connects to each channel from a distance
  • Name the channel on your smart thermometer to match the ring's colour
  • Ideal to use with all our wired thermometers

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SKU: 830-278

Our Silicone Coloured Probe Rings allow easy colour coding on your smart wired thermometers. The rings are designed to suit our multi-channel thermometers such as the Signals, Smoke and our range of ThermaQ thermometers. However, they are also perfect for using alongside all our single-channel wired thermometers, such as the DOT. 

The brightly coloured rings allow your probes to be easily navigated from a distance, enabling you to identify which channel is reading which temperature. For quick and easy temperature readings, name the channel on your smart device to match the ring's colour. 

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