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Thermapen is proving excellent

Delighted with my newly purchased thermapen, use it lots , so easy and makes cooking easy but also food safer

Very Pleased

We recently purchased our thermapen to go with our new outdoor grill, for checking if meat is sufficiently cooked. We are really happy with the themapen is a great product, it even comes with a calibration certificate.

Very happy with my Thermapen

This is my new go to gadget. I recently bought a Ninja airfryer and wanted a thermometer to accurately test food temperature. I looked at several thermometers on the market, read reviews (though didn't trust some) did comparisons and finally ended up with the Thermapen. My only gripe with this accurate piece of kit is I wish I had bought it much sooner - no more guesswork, very pleased with my purchase.

Cooking guide

A handy reference gadget.

Thermapen case

The protective case keeps my thermapen safe in the utensil drawer with no risk of damage, very pleased.

Brilliant Addition To The Kitchen

I can’t believe I have managed without a Thermapen - so straightforward to use over a wide temperature range. Definitely be treating it as an essential piece of kitchen equipment from now on.


Very pleased with my purchase. Seems very accurate. Bought to check food temperature when using my ninja Foodi.

Substantial build, features I want

I wanted a thermometer that would provide alarms at both a high and low temperature setting - I make yogurt regularly for my family, and this was an important feature for me. So far, this thermometer has been working reliably. The unit itself has a substantial build quality and a robust probe, both of which I like. It was more expensive than other models but seems worth it for its build and features. Sadly, I've gone through several of these over the years, so at only 21 days in, it's hard for me to say that it surpasses similar products by other makers. But it seems promising!

Thermapen Expert BBQ Bundle
Harry Pearce

Fantastic product, my second Thermapen and just as happy as before.

Thermapen Expert BBQ Bundle
Georgijs Suvalovs

Best tools for professional chef!

Great thermometer

I like this meat thermometer. It is waterproof so easy to clean and the temperature readings are so quick that you can see exactly how the joint is cooked at the middle as you move the thermometer through it.

A Great Kitchen Tool

I make lots of jam and love the Thermapen. It reacts very quickly to the temperature and I love using this tool. Jam turns out perfectly every time. Well worth the money.

Does exactly what it’s supposed to

Good accuracy, but slight problem with on/off

I like this thermometer and have been using it almost daily since purchase. I’ve tested it for accuracy and it beats the previous thermometer that I was using. The only problem is that sometimes the on/off mechanism does not work properly, i.e. the thermometer will not always come on when first openned - eventually it will come on but it’s annoying that I have to fiddle with openning and shutting it to get it to switch on. It may be that I have been unlikely and that this is a defective model. If so, I’d appreciate a replacement. : )

Excellent kit and very accurate

Great piece of kit for any bbq addicts


Really quick delivery and very good batteries, great company

Great temp probe

Quick, easy to use temperature probe to give me peace of mind that the bbq meat is done with being over cooked.

Great Product even better steaks!

This product has helped me master my steaks, the thermapen gives me a lot more confidence when cooking I love it can’t wait to use it on the BBQ!

Simple and Effective

Helps to keep the pen from getting damaged when not in use. Easy to fit especially if it can be placed near to where all the cooking action takes place.

DOT Digital Thermometer
simon Renshall
Another brilliant thermometer

Bought this to complement the thermopen 1, for big roasts, just place the probe in the joint, in the oven, set the required internal temp and an alarm beeps when its done, no more guessing. Brilliant.

Thermapen Classic Orange.

Excellent for checking the internal temprature of all kinds of meat and poultry.
Very pleased with purchase.

Purchased on offer, good friendly advice when calling direct.

Purchased on offer, good friendly advice when calling direct to company. Product seems excellent quality, for myself a thermometer has been a huge leap on the quality of meals we cook, anyone who wants to improve on there cooks it's a great buy

Calibration Is Off

Great item but make sure to check calibration which was off by 3 degrees if you intend to do precision work...

Has improved my cooking


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