ThermaQ Blue Thermometer with Bluetooth LE

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ThermaQ Blue Bluetooth thermometer transmits temperature data to your iOS, Android or Bluetooth device
  • Digital Thermometer with Bluetooth 
  • User friendly, simple setup with free ThermaQ app
  • Programmable high/low alarm via the ThermaQ app
  • Alerts via the free ThermaQ app when alarm limits exceed
  • Two channel type K input - dual monitoring
  • Water resistant to IP65
  • FREE traceable calibration certificate
  • Meets the European Standard EN 13485
    ThermaQ Blue Kit includes probes
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SKU: 860-921

The ThermaQ Blue Bluetooth Thermometer kit is designed for avid BBQuers looking to monitor their temperatures remotely. The device accepts two probes, one channel designed specifically for monitoring the temperature of your pit and the other your meat. Transmitting temperature data to your iOS, Android or Bluetooth® wireless device via a secure connection of up to 50 metres.

The ThermaQ Blue thermometer kit comes in a FREE protective zip wallet and includes:

  • 292-921 ThermaQ Blue thermometer
  • 133-041 K air wire probe & crocodile clip 2 metre stainless steel braided lead
  • 133-177 K Smoke House probe 4 x 225mm, 90° 2m PTFE S/S Lead & MPK

If you wish to purchase the ThermaQ Blue Bluetooth Thermometer as a lone device this is possible via the drop down available on the product listing. 

The device will seamlessly connect to ThermaQ Blue app available on any smartphone device via Bluetooth. Set both your high & low alarm via the app which will then generate your smartphone device to alarm once reached temperature, and also if your pit drops in temperature. 

The ETI ThermaQ Blue temperature monitoring app is an invaluable tool in allowing you to monitor multiple temperatures simultaneously, turning your smartphone or tablet into a remote-control temperature measurement data hub.

The app is designed to make cooking processes easy to replicate with its user-friendly temperature monitoring functions. Whether you’re cooking a large pork shoulder on the BBQ or a Sunday Roast in a conventional kitchen oven, you’re able to easily and quickly set a target temperature to ensure perfectly cooked food, every time. 

Key Features of The ThermaQ Blue
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On/Off & Transfer Button

Easily turn the device on/off using this button. This button can also be used to take an instant reading, transferring the temperature measurement to the downloadable app via Bluetooth.


Backlit display, guaranteeing visibility any time of the day.

Pit Probe

The device comes with a crocodile clip pit probe for clipping onto your BBQ grate. The probe is 2 metre's long made from a heatproof, stainless steel lead.

Two Channel Thermometer

Two channel Thermometer, with 2 external probe sockets, one for your pit and one for your meat. Both with a temperature range of -100 to 1372 °C. Industrial style connectors guarantee a strong connection.

Penetration Probe

A 2 metre long, heatproof, stainless steel penetration probe is included for inserting into your meat.


A red and green LED light indicate that either your logger (available via your smartphone) is active & logging (green light) or that your pre-set alarm temperature has been exceeded (red), both of which will trigger a loud alarm.

Easy to Use

Simple to use with only two buttons start & max/min buttons on the device. After you have inserted your probes just hit start, everything else is then controlled via the smartphone app.

Water Resistant Casing

Each unit is housed in an ergonomic, water resistant case.

LCD Display

Backlit LCD display automatically switching between the two probe temperature readings.
the ThermaQ Blue App
Designed specifically for advanced temperature monitoring
  • Easily set your desired high & low temperature alarms for both probes
  • Monitors & records up to 18,000 probe readings remotely
  • Designed to make cooking processes easy to replicate
  • Graph output allows monitoring of temperature trends
  • Can monitor up to 4 thermometers simultaneously
  • Bluetooth range of up to 50 metres
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Product Details

Data sheet

Range:-199.9 to 1372 °C
Resolution:0.1°C/°F to 999.9 thereafter 1°C
Accuracy:±0.4°C ±0.1% of reading
Bluetooth module:Bluetooth LE
Battery:1 x AA
Battery life:4000 hours
Sensor type:K thermocouple
Display:12mm LCD with backlight
Dimensions:34 x 66 x 109mm
Weight:172 grams
Case material:ABS plastic
Country of manufacture:United Kingdom
Guarantee:two years
Water / dust resistance:IP65 protection
Measurement scale:Celsius / Fahrenheit
Conforms to standard:EN 13485

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ThermaQ Blue Instructions

ThermaQ Blue Thermometer Instructions

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