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Over cooked roasts will be a thing of the past once our premium, smart, oven thermometers have been introduced into your kitchen. Established in 1983, our array of experience with manufacturing digital thermometers allows us to be experts within this field, enabling us to only provide our customers with the best of the best.
" I love my Thermapen, it really helps me cook with confidence. As a caterer the health and safety of everyone you cook for is paramount, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise with your cooking. A simple reassuring check with the Thermapen throughout the process is all that's needed to allow you to enjoy, and confidently serve what you've made"
Laura Tulloch
Private chef and recipe developer
Oven thermometers for reliable results every time.
Different ovens, set to the same temperature, will inevitably take different times to cook certain meats. An hour in one oven may produce a dry, overcooked joint and one hour in a different oven may leave you with the opposite, raw and undercooked. This is why cooking to temperature, not time is so important; already hugely popular amongst professional chefs and becoming increasingly popular across home cooks. 
Endless research and development over the past 30 years has led us to produce market leading, smart, oven thermometers, designed to create perfectly cooked food.

The essential digital thermometer for monitoring your cooks. The DOT is a simple oven thermometer that will alert you when your food has reached a desired temperature. The dot is so simple and easy to use, with only three buttons. Simply turn the device on, set the temperature utilising the up and down arrows, insert the probe into the centre of your meat and attach it to your oven using the magnetic pads. The DOT will sound a loud alarm once reached the set temperature, assuring you that your food is perfectly cooked. For such a simple device it really is a game changer.

The same concept as the DOT however the BlueDOT Barbecue Bluetooth Thermometer has the option to connect to a free downloadable app, available on any smart phone, allowing you digitally monitor your meat throughout the cook. Perfect for all the techies amongst us!

The ChefAlarm is a high-quality, versatile, count up/down digital thermometer. It’s useful for cooking food on the BBQ, as not only will it alert you when your food has reached a set temperature (similar to the DOT) but will also alert your food drops in temperature. If your BBQ is therefore losing heat and the internal temperature of your meat drops, the alarm will sound. Designed to make BBQ challenges easier, the ChefAlarm is hugely useful when cooking with unruly grills. The ChefAlarm also has a built-in timer, it is essentially two products in one!

Stuck with what Oven Thermometer to buy?

DOT Digital Thermometer.​
Loud alarm to alert when your food has reached set temperature.
Perfect for: Cooking succulent roasts.

BlueDOT Bluetooth Thermometer.​
Monitor your cooks progress via a free app, available on any smart phone. Perfect for: Monitoring roasts over long periods of time.

ChefAlarm Cooking Timer & Thermometer.​
Loud alarm to alert when your food has reached temperature whilst also alerting you if your food drops in temperature. Built in kitchen timer.Perfect for: Cooking succulent roasts.

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