Pizza Oven Thermometer

Pizza IR thermometer for pizza oven temperatures

  • Laser pointer for easy targeting
  • -50 to 550 °C range
  • 12:1 distance-to-target ratio
  • Clear backlit display
  • 10-second hold function
  • Easily switch between °C/°F
  • Auto power-off

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Perfect your pizza-making with the Pizza IR thermometer for pizza ovens. Enables quick, accurate and precise measurements of your pizza oven floor. Helps you cook your pizza evenly for the perfect crispy finish.

Laser pointer for easy targeting

It can be easy to use an infrared thermometer for pizza ovens incorrectly, preventing you from getting accurate readings. This pizza oven thermometer has a laser pointer which helps you keep it directed at your target area, ensuring accurate readings every time.

Accurate readings up to 550 °C

The Pizza IR pizza oven thermometer is accurate to ±4 °C (-50 to 330 °C, otherwise ±2 °C)  and measures up to 550 °C. This is ideal for pizza oven temperatures, which typically need to be between 400 and 500 °C to ensure the perfect pizza base finish.

°C/°F Button

Easily switch between °C/°F

Backlit Display

Read your pizza oven temperature in any lighting. The LCD backlight function can be turned on or off by pressing the backlight icon on the front of the unit.

10-sec hold function

To use, aim the Pizza IR thermometer at the target and press the trigger to measure the surface temperature, ‘SCAN’ will be shown on the display. When the trigger is released ‘HOLD’ is shown and the reading is held for 10 seconds, after this time, the thermometer will turn off.

The Laser Pointer

The centre of the measurement zone is 14 mm (approximately 0.5”) below the laser dot with the instrument held in a vertical position. For safety, the laser pointer will only activate when the trigger button is pressed.

The Backlight Button

The LCD backlight function can be turned on or off by pressing the backlight icon on the front of the unit.

Clear backlit display

The backlit digital display makes it easy to read your pizza oven temperature in any lighting, while the hold function ensures you don't miss your reading.

How to use
an infrared pizza oven thermometer

Position the thermometer around 30-50 cm away from your pizza oven stone. Press the trigger to display the laser pointer and measure the temperature of your oven floor. The Pizza IR thermometer will hold the reading on the screen for 10 seconds, then switch off.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Range - Infrared:-50 to 550 °C
Accuracy - Infrared:±4 °C between -50 to 0 °C otherwise ±2 % or 2 °C
Battery:9v alkaline battery
Dimensions:155 x 100 x 42 mm
Weight:186 g
Field of view:12:1

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