Digital Sugar Thermometers

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Digital Sugar Thermometers for Jam & Confectionery

THE UK's best sugar thermometer

Temperature is a key ingredient for creating consistently perfect sweet treats. From caramel and jam to honeycomb and chocolate, precise temperatures are essential. And even professional bakers can't guess them. With super fast and accurate readings, the Thermapen digital sugar thermometer is your secret weapon to taking your sugar work to the next level.

Analogue vs digital sugar thermometers

Analogue thermometers have long been a traditional and budget-friendly choice for home bakers, but they're rarely up to the task of providing the speed, accuracy and precision needed for sugary creations. The Thermapen ONE digital sugar thermometer features accurate one-second readings, a simple and hygienic design, and it's built to last. Unlike traditional sugar thermometers, Thermapens are designed to perfect more than just baking; they're ideal for anything from Sunday roasts to summer BBQs.
What is the temperature
for jam and other confectionery?
Check out our temperature guide to find out what temperatures you need for jam, chocolate, fudge, toffee and lots more.

Here's why Thermapen is the UK's best sugar thermometer

  • Fast and accurate
    Speed and accuracy are of the essence with confectionery. Your creations can become overdone in seconds, spoiling the consistency. Both our Thermapen Classic and Thermapen ONE models have faster and more accurate readings than most others on the market, so you can always be confident in your temperatures.
  • Sleek and easy to use
    Thermapen thermometers for sugar are designed for a seamless cooking experience. Simply open the probe, and it's ready to start reading. The large display is perfect for baking because it makes it clear and easy to read. The sleek design means cleaning off sticky liquids is easy, and our Thermapen ONE model is waterproof to enable a more thorough scrub.
  • Built to last
    Designed for professional chefs but loved by home cooks worldwide, Thermapen sugar thermometers are built to withstand the hard work of a busy kitchen. We make and calibrate Thermapens by hand in the UK, and each one comes with a calibration certificate and a two or five-year guarantee (model dependent).

Which Digital Jam Thermometer Is For You?

Thermapen ONE
Premium digital sugar thermometer with one-second readings, waterproof casing and a five-year guarantee.
Perfect for: Creating confectionery where rapid temperature readings are required.

Thermapen classic
Essential thermometer for sugar with three-second readings, water-resistant casing and a two-year guarantee.
Perfect for: Confidence that every jam and sweet treat is cooked perfectly to temperature.
Thermastick pocket
Economical jam thermometer with a clear digital display, accurate temperatures and an easy-to-clean probe.
Perfect for: Beginner bakers looking for a reliable thermometer with a smaller price tag.
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