How to Use the Billows BBQ Fan for Automatic Temperature Control

How to Use the Billows BBQ Fan for Automatic Temperature Control

When cooking over fire, maintaining a consistent pit temperature can be really important in order to get the perfect finish and texture, especially when it comes to low and slow cooks. But regularly returning to the BBQ to adjust the vents or tend to the coals isn't always convenient, which is where a BBQ temperature control fan comes in, to do all the work for you.


Our Billows BBQ fan is an easy and reliable tool for BBQ air flow control that pairs with the Signals Wi-Fi and Bluetooth thermometer for ultimate control over your BBQ temperatures. Read on to learn more about how it works.


What does the Billows BBQ fan do?

The Billows BBQ fan enables automatic BBQ temperature control by maintaining your desired pit temperature throughout your whole cook. Whenever the grill temperature drops, the Billows switches on and returns the temperature to the one you set, essentially transforming your grill into an oven. This is particularly useful for low and slow cooks as it means you don't have to keep watch over your pit temperature and return to the BBQ to make adjustments to your grill vents or tend to the coals.

Which types of BBQ is the Billows fan compatible with?

The Billows is made to fit most fan openings on steel, ceramic and charcoal grills. Mounting Kits are available if your vent hole is larger than 60mm H x 50mm W x 0.5mm D.

What kind of cooking is the Billows best for?

The Billows BBQ fan can be used for any type of cooking, but is best for indirect and low and slow cooks like ribs, pulled pork and brisket, where a steady temperature needs to be maintained over a long period.


Do you need any additional equipment to use the Billows fan?

Yes. The Billows must be paired with our Signals wireless BBQ thermometer to work. The Signals is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth BBQ thermometer with four channels for monitoring your pit temperature plus up to four meats simultaneously. You can keep track of the temperatures on the thermometer unit or using the free app.


For some BBQ types, including kamado-style BBQs, you'll need to purchase a Mounting Kit to be able to attach the Billows to your BBQ. You may also want to add the Billows Damper which restricts airflow into the Billows for greater control and accuracy.


How to Use the Billows BBQ fan

1. Make sure your Signals firmware is up to date by plugging it into a power outlet and connecting it to the app. If an update is required a pop-up will appear in the app. Follow the instructions to complete this — the Signals will beep to alert when it is finished updating. If no pop-up appears then you're good to go.


2. On your BBQ, close all of the inlet vents except for one - this is where the Billows will go. Depending on your BBQ, you may need to use the flue tape provided to seal the vents.


3. Start with your BBQ exhaust dampers open 1/8th of the way. Remove the yellow fan plug on the Billows before use.


4. Pinch the spring arms on the Billows to insert them into the remaining open vent hole. Ensure that the fan intake and USB-C port are facing downwards to prevent rain or other liquids from damaging the electronics.


5. Plug one end of the USB-C cable into the Billows and the other into the fan port on the Fan Adaptor.


6. Remove the AC power cable from the Signals and plug it into the power port on the Fan Adaptor. The AC cable must be plugged in for the Billows to work.


7. Plug the Signals Air Probe into Channel 4 on the Signals unit and use the grate clip to attach the probe to your BBQ grate. For best results, place the probe around 1 inch away from your food and avoid the sides of the BBQ.


8. Switch the Signals off and on again to finish pairing the Billows with the unit. A fan icon will appear on Channel 4 to show that it has switched to Fan Mode.


9. Billows has a preset temperature which it will start working to immediately. To change the temperature, press the Channel button until Channel 4 flashes, then press the Set button twice. The temperature should begin to flash. Use the arrows to adjust the temperature, then press Set again to save your changes. Alternatively, you can change the temperature using the Thermoworks app.


10. Let the Billows run for 15-30 minutes before cooking to allow the BBQ to reach your set temperature. Depending on your BBQ, you may need to open or close your exhaust vents slightly in order to achieve your set temperature initially. But once the BBQ reaches your desired temperature, you shouldn't need to make any further adjustments whilst using the Billows.


11. Once your cook is complete, unplug the USB-C cable and replace the yellow fan plug to stop hot air from damaging the Billows.

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