Limited Edition Thermapen ONE Colours

midnight blue

Elegant blue kitchens are the home of sophisticated cooking. Create elevated dishes with the world's favourite food thermometer in this luxurious new shade.


Midnight Blue

Bring the tranquillity of starry night skies to your kitchen with the new Thermapen Midnight Blue. One of the first Thermapens we made 30 years ago inspired this deep, calming colour. It's simple, versatile and designed to last. Just like Thermapen.

vanilla fudge

Cosy cooking spaces are all about gentle shades that inspire rustic dishes. This indulgent new colour inspired by creamy vanilla fudge makes a timeless companion.


Vanilla Fudge

Fall into the comforting embrace of warm, sugary cream with the delicious new Thermapen Vanilla Fudge. This sumptuous sidekick is perfect for whipping up everything from rustic roasts to beautiful bakes. A cosy colour which inspires indulgence, it will fit smoothly into your kitchen for years to come.

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