Thermapen x SCORCHED Book Bundle

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Limited-edition Thermapen bundle to celebrate the launch of Genevieve Taylor’s latest book, SCORCHED

Thermapen ONE

  • Limited-edition print designed by Genevieve Taylor
  • Unrivalled fast and accurate temperatures
  • Grill fish to perfection every time


  • Everything you need to know about barbecuing fish
  • The latest book from BBQ expert Genevieve Taylor
  • More than 85 fish recipes

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We’ve teamed up with live-fire expert Genevieve Taylor to create this limited-edition bundle to celebrate the launch of her latest book, SCORCHED: The Ultimate Guide to Barbecuing Fish. Armed with a copy of SCORCHED and a matching Thermapen One, you’ll unlock the secret to creating an array of perfectly grilled fish dishes.

Behind the Scenes: Genevieve Taylor Crafts Her Own SCORCHED Thermapen

Genevieve Taylor visited our factories in Worthing, West Sussex, where she built her own SCORCHED Thermapen from scratch. She was involved in every step, from constructing, testing, and grinding the probe to attaching the probe wire and assembling the PVC and Thermapen. Genevieve was amazed by the intricate processes and the level of detail involved in handcrafting each Thermapen.

Intuitive Display

360° auto-rotating backlit display. Switches on/off when picked up and put down.

Built to Last

IP67 robust and waterproof casing designed for professional kitchens.

Fast & Accurate Probe

High accuracy readings to ±0.3 °C in just one second.

Limited Edition Design

Exclusive SCORCHED design by Genevieve Taylor available for a limited time only.

5-Year Gurantee

Free repairs or replacement if anything goes wrong within 5 years.

Thermapen One

Thermapen is the world’s favourite food thermometer. Renowned for its speed, accuracy and sleek, functional design, it makes a frequent appearance on some of the UK’s most prestigious cooking shows. 


The Thermapen ONE features rapid one-second readings and a high accuracy of ±0.3 °C. The casing is waterproof to survive spills and enable thorough cleaning, while the display switches on/off, rotates and lights up automatically to ensure a seamless experience.


Designed for professional chefs, handmade in the UK, and supplied with a 5-year guarantee, you can be confident your trusty cooking companion is built to last. 

Why Cook
Fish to Temperature?

No one likes overcooked fish. It’s dry and rubbery, and the natural flavours can be spoiled. On the other hand, undercooked fish is neither enjoyable enjoyable nor safe. It can be difficult to catch fish at the perfect moment when it’s beautifully done, especially over fire, where there are so many variables at play. 


Fish is safe to eat once it reaches 60 °C. So, removing it from the heat at this temperature means you can enjoy it with confidence whilst knowing it’s at its optimum for taste and texture. 


A quick check with a fast, accurate, and reliable thermometer like a Thermapen will ensure precise and consistent results in every fish dish, as well as in meat, baking, and more. 


Scorched is a one-stop shop for recipes and practical advice that will help you get the most from cooking fish on your barbecue, beginning with the science of why we need to cook different types of fish in different ways and the physics of how fire works.


Live-fire expert Genevieve Taylor covers everything you’ll ever need to know about buying and cooking all kinds of fish, from cooking whole fish, fillets, shellfish, stuffed & wrapped, to burgers, fritters and skewers, fish in a pan and smoked fish, with more than 85 recipes.


Genevieve provides essential information about setting up your barbecue, sourcing your fuel and lighting your fire, with troubleshooting tips throughout. Full of succulent, colourful recipes, Scorched is the most useful, practical and comprehensive guide to grilling fish on the market.

Genevieve Taylor

Live-fire and BBQ expert Genevieve Taylor is the author of thirteen cookery books, including the bestsellers CHARRED, a complete guide to vegetarian barbecue, THE ULTIMATE WOOD-FIRED OVEN COOK BOOK, and FOOLPROOF BBQ. A proud omnivore, Genevieve is on a mission to prove that great BBQ isn't just about Man vs. Meat. That said, her latest bestseller SEARED is all about good meat cooked over good fire. 


She also runs the Bristol Fire School and demonstrates live-fire cookery at food festivals all over the UK. She has presented Radio 4's The Food Programme and regularly contributes to the national press on all things barbecue.

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