Silicone Pot Stands with Thermapen Logo

brand: ETI

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Silicone Pot Stands with Thermapen Logo

  • protect surfaces from heat, scratches and spills
  • double up to hold hot pan handles
  • non-stick silicone that is heat-resistant and flexible
  • vibrant, contemporary colours
  • non-stick and dishwasher safe
  • heat resistant to 240 °C 
  • pack of all 4 colours available (select multi-colour)

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£3.00 inc VAT

Thermapen branded silicone pot stands  protect your kitchen work surfaces from hot pans, spills and burns. They can also double up to hold hot pan handles.

Easy to clean, dishwasher safe and with a non-stick surface they are heat resistant up to 240 °C.

Available in 4 vibrant colours to add a splash of colour and style to any kitchen. Dimensions are Ø18 x 7.5mm. Select the multi-colour swatch to buy pack of all 4 colours

range:heat resistant to 240°C
dimensions:Ø18 x 7.5 mm
guarantee:one year

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