Digital Baking Thermometers

SKU: 235-457
Brand: ETI

Instant, accurate, digital kitchen thermometer

  • Instant, 1 second temperature readings 
  • Accurate to ±0.3°C (-19.9 to 119.9 °C) 
  • Improved 5-year guarantee and FREE traceable calibration certificate
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning
  • Easy to read, built-in digital, 360° self-rotating display 
  • The micro-thermocouple probe tip provides the highest level of accuracy
  • 2,000 hour long battery life and easy to replace batteries 
  • Handmade in the UK
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SKU: 231-247
Brand: ETI

Light weight, handheld, digital kitchen thermometer

  • Superfast, 3 second temperature readings
  • 2-year guarantee and FREE traceable calibration certificate
  • Water resistant for easy cleaning
  • 1,500-hour battery life
  • Handmade in the UK with a guaranteed accuracy to ±0.4 ºC
  • Auto power-off mode
SKU: 810-401
Brand: ETI

ThermaStick Pocket thermometer

  • Reduced tip for faster response
  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • Max/min function
  • Waterproof to IP66
SKU: 810-041
Brand: ETI

The ChefAlarm is a combined cooking count up/down timer and thermometer.

  • Includes a loud audible alarm, sounding when reached temperature
  • Low temperature alarm included if your cooks drop in temperature 
  • Easily view all temperature data via its LCD backlit display
  • Two products in one with built in kitchen timer 
  • Includes, heatproof Pro-Series Temperature Probes 
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The UK's Best Baking Thermometers
Every baker understands the frustration of over and under baking. With Thermapen’s range of baking thermometers, those days are over. Consistently achieve beautifully baked bread, perfect pies and juicy jams by reading the internal temperature.

Receive accurate temperature readings in just one second with Thermapen ONE, the UK’s most versatile kitchen thermometer. Purchase today and take the guesswork out of your next baking challenge.
"I find endless uses for my Thermapen, from making exquisite buttercreams for cakes to ensuring I reach the perfect temperature when making caramel. I reach for my thermometer on a regular basis and can honestly say it's the kitchen gadget I would not be without."
Jane Saunders
LittleSugarSnaps - Recipe creator
The perfect bake is only a probe away.
Whether you’re trying to perfect the art of Italian meringue, level up your bread game or get creative with caramel, you’re going to struggle to get consistent results without knowing the exact temperature of your bake. Our Thermapen ONE provides an accurate temperature reading in just one second, removing any guesswork and guaranteeing every bake is a showstopper. When accuracy and consistency matter the most, bakers turn to Thermapen - the baking thermometer of choice.
As seen on screen.
If you think Thermapen looks familiar, you may have seen our digital baking thermometers make an appearance on your favourite baking TV show!
Professional results at home.
Unlike cheap replicas, Thermapen digital food thermometers are built to last. The accuracy, reliability, speed, versatility, and ease of use is why thousands of professional chefs and bakers turn to Thermapen as their kitchen thermometer of choice. Don’t just take our word for it.
Here's why Thermapen is the UK's best baking thermometer:
Hand-manufactured to a professional standard.
Each Thermapen is hand-manufactured in the UK and comes with a FREE traceable certificate of calibration. Built with a micro-thermocouple at the probe’s tip, a technology only found in professional thermometers, it really sets the Thermapen miles apart from other instant-read models. Its casing material includes advanced Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology that reduces bacterial growth.
Easy to use.
Free from confusing buttons or dials, you don’t even need to remember to turn your Thermapen on or off. It’s an extremely lightweight, wireless, handheld thermometer designed for guaranteed ease when taking the temperature of meat.
Perfectly cooked food.
Instant, accurate temperature readings for guaranteed perfectly cooked food. Every time.
Stuck with what Baking Thermometer to buy?
Thermapen ONE.​

One second, instant, accurate temperature readings and easy to use.

Perfect for: checking the internal temperature of any bake or liquid.

Thermapen Classic.

Accurate, three second temperature readings, versatile and easy to use.
Perfect for: Checking your bake's internal temperature.

ChefAlarm Cooking Timer & Thermometer.​

Ability to monitor both high and low temperatures. Built in kitchen timer.
Perfect for: Confectionery and pastry.

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