ChefAlarm® cooking timer & thermometer

brand: ETI

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The ChefAlarm is a combined cooking count up/down timer and thermometer.

  • temperature reading in five seconds with mini needle probe
  • includes backlight & calibration function
  • designed for commercial kitchens
  • adjustable 92dB audible alarm

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Auto-off Centigrade Fahrenheit Backlit display Max-Min Alarm

£45.00 inc VAT

The ChefAlarm is a high quality count up/down timer and cooking thermometer and which displays the countdown/up time, current temperature and simultaneously displays both the high/low alarms and max/min temperatures.

The timer is fully programmable, allowing the user to set the count up/down time to/from 99 hours, and 59 minutes. The unit incorporates a large, easy to read LCD display with user selectable backlight and a loud audible alarm with adjustable volume to 92dB - ideal for busy professional kitchens.

The ChefAlarm also includes a calibration function allowing the user to fine-tune the accuracy of the thermometer (±2.2 °C). The unit is housed in a water resistant casing and is designed to either sit on a worktop or attach to an appliance using the magnetic pads at the rear of the instrument.

Available in five colours, each ChefAlarm is supplied in a padded zip wallet complete with a penetration probe (810-071). 


range:-50 to 300°C
resolution:0.1 °C/°F
accuracy:±1°C (-20 to 120°C), ±2°C between –50 to -20 and 120 to 200°C, ±3°C between 200 to 300°C
battery:2 x 1.5 volt AAA
battery life:5000 hours
sensor type:thermistor
display:custom LCD
dimensions:19 x 70 x 152mm
weight:175 grams
case material:ABS plastic
guarantee:one year
water / dust resistance :water resistant
measurement scale :Celsius / Fahrenheit
timer:count up & count down

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