Leg of lamb, cooked to perfection on the chopping board with green granish around and Thermapen ONE Yellow on the side
Green Thermapen Classic taking the temperature of a chocolate cake, with easter elements around
A girl holding Team Temperature Thermapen up in an outdoor BBQ shack wearing Team Temperature sweater and a hat
The DOT alarm thermometer placed next to the BBQ waiting for the alarm to sound at 73 degrees and the currect is 70 degrees

Cooking Thermometers for Perfect Results

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Make overdone meat
a thing of the past

A quality cooking thermometer will ensure your meat is perfectly juicy every time. Whether you're using a BBQ or oven or preparing steak or turkey – perfection is achieved with our meat thermometers. Cooking to temperature is the most effective way of checking that your food is safe to eat without being overcooked and dry.

  • Get an exclusive look into @beckyexcell's new book, Gluten Free Air Fryer…👀

Gluten free fish and chip recipe, cooked perfectly to temperature. 🐟 The trick here? 

Cornflakes to create the perfect crunch. 💥

Ingredients and method below 👇

•	Vegetable oil in a spray bottle, for greasing
•	4 tbsp gluten-free plain (all-purpose) flour or cornflour (cornstarch)
•	1 tsp salt
•	½ tsp ground black or white pepper
•	1 large egg
•	65g (2¼oz) gluten-free cornflakes
•	2 skinless, boneless cod or basa fillets

Grease the base of your air fryer tray by spraying it with oil.

Mix the flour, salt and pepper. Beat the egg with a fork in a medium bowl.
Place the cornflakes into a large bowl and use the end of a rolling pin to bash them until fine. Ensure there are no whole cornflakes left or they won’t stick to the fish very well.

Dredge the fish fillets in the flour until evenly dusted on both sides,
then dip into the egg until well coated. Finally, dredge them in the
cornflakes, ensuring even coverage on both sides.

Place the fish into our air fryer and cook until the internal temperature reaches 60C.
  • Frying oil guide 🫒🍳

Not sure what oil to use for which dish? We've got you covered. 

Swipe to see the smoke point for 6 of the most popular cooking oils and what recipes to use them for.

Don't forget to save this guide so it's on hand for all your cooking needs 🌻

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One lucky winner will receive a copy of Becky’s new book and a pink Thermapen ONE to ensure that all of your air-fried food is cooked to perfection.
Here’s how to enter:
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  • 3 Tips for Perfect BBQ Fish 🐟🔥

Here are three of our favourite tips from @genevieveeats' new book SCORCHED: The Ultimate Guide to Barbecuing Fish 🙌

Get a copy of the book plus a matching Thermapen ONE designed by Genevieve when you choose our limited-edition SCORCHED bundle. Visit thermapen.co.uk to shop.

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  • Enjoy this sneak peek, mouth-watering tuna recipe from @genevieveeats latest book, SCORCHED. It's just one of 85 delicious BBQ fish recipes you'll find inside.
DM us for the recipe 😉
Shop the book and matching SCORCHED Thermapen now, all in one discounted bundle. 
Scorched by Genevieve Taylor (Quadrille, £25) Photo by Jason Ingram.
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  • Looking for a Father's Day gift for a dad who loves to cook? We've got you covered 🙌
Whether he likes getting creative in the kitchen or grilling up a storm in the garden, a trusty thermometer is guaranteed to up his game.
Swipe to shop our favourite picks.
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  • It's @NationalDoughnutWeek! 🍩

To celebrate, we've put together some essential temperature tips for perfect doughnuts. Do you know what the Maillard reaction is or the smoke point for vegetable oil? 🌡️

Swipe to find out! ➡️

#nationaldoughnutweek #teamtemperature
  • Craving something different? Detroit pizza is where it’s at! With a crispy, crunchy cheese exterior and a soft, airy interior, this pizza style is a flavour bomb. 🍕 @mozza_fella has nailed it with a BBQ brisket Detroit pizza – perfect for using up that leftover brisket and plenty of cheese! 🧀🔥

Pro tip: Ensure your FDT is between 20-23°C for perfection. 👌

Ingredients below and full method linked in bio.

For the dough
	•	256 g strong bread flour (12.5g protein or above)
	•	172g water (70%)
	•	6.6g salt (2.7%)
	•	1.5g fresh yeast (0.6%)
For the brisket topping
	•	1 x 425g Detroit base
	•	1 portion of sliced BBQ Brisket
	•	150-200g shredded mozzarella
	•	1 grating of hard cheese (parmesan or pecorino)
	•	A handful of pickled gherkins
For the red cabbage slaw
	•	Half a red cabbage, finely sliced
	•	1 large carrot, finely sliced
	•	4 tbsp mayonnaise
	•	50g red Leicester cheese, grated
	•	2 tsp apple cider vinegar
	•	A pinch of salt

#teamtemperature #foodthermometer #pizzarecipe
  • Confused about pork doneness? Us too 🧐

We took a look at the advice from food safety experts, scientists and chefs to find out how juicy we can have our pork once and for all. 

What do you think, would you eat medium-cooked pork? Comment below 👇

Visit the link in our bio for the full article. 

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  • #UKBBQWeek Meatless Monday inspo 🥕🫛🍅
We're throwing back to when we visited @thesaltboxuk  last year and they showed us how to make these incredible ember-baked beets with wild garlic labneh 😍
The secret to tender baked beets? Cook them to 100 °C using your Thermapen. Try the recipe 👇
For the labneh
400g natural yoghurt
Salt and pepper 
35g wild garlic 
For the beets
1 medium-sized beetroot per person
Drizzle of rapeseed oil
Salt and pepper
Labneh method
Place the yoghurt into a bowl and stir in the salt and pepper. Finely chop the wild garlic and stir through the yoghurt.
Place a double layer of muslin or a clean tightly woven tea towel into a sieve and gently pour in the yoghurt.
Place the sieve over a bowl and allow to drain for several hours in the fridge until the yoghurt is nice and thick, the longer you leave it the thicker it will get.
Remove the labneh from the muslin and place into a clean bowl. Use a wooden spoon to beat it together and place into the fridge for up to three days.
Beets method
Wash and dry the beetroots and remove the leafy tops.
Place directly on the embers of a raked out fire. Turn every 10 minutes or so. The beets are cooked once they are tender and reach 100 °C on your Thermapen.
Once cool, remove the charred skin using a knife. Slice and serve with a generous serving of labneh.
#Thermapen #TeamTemperature #UKBBQWeek #Beetroot #Labneh #BBQLovers #BBQCommunity
  • Skewer tips and temps 🍡

Swipe to see our favourite tips for today's #UKBBQWeek theme — skewers and sides 🔥

What skewers are you making today? Use the hashtag #TeamTemperature to share your perfectly cooked skewers with us!

#Thermapen #UKBBQ #BBQLovers #BBQCommunity #Skewers #ChickenSkewers #BBQSkewers
  • @ukbbqweek starts tomorrow! Who's ready? 🔥 

We know there's one thing you'll definitely all be needing to help smash those cooks this week — temperatures 🌡️ 

Save this meat temperature guide to have every magic number on hand 🙌

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  • Hey Team Temperature lovers, look what you’ve been cooking up this month 🔥

Thanks to everyone for getting involved and sharing the epic creations you made with the help of your Thermapen 🌡️

Use the hashtag #TeamTemperature to feature in our monthly roundup 🔥🔥


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