Digital Baking Thermometers

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UK's Best Baking Thermometers

The secret to every showstopper

Creating consistently perfect results as a baker is all about precise temperatures. Whether you're making fluffy sponge cakes, sticky jams or crusty bread, temperature is the secret ingredient that will take it to the next level.

A fast, accurate, and reliable thermometer is an essential sidekick for any baker trying to improve their creations. Thermapen thermometers offer just that — readings you can trust and a design that works around your cooking. It's why Thermapen is loved by everyone from professional chefs to home bakers and BBQ enthusiasts.

The perfect bake is only a probe away

If you think Thermapen looks familiar, you may have seen our digital baking thermometers appear on your favourite baking TV show.

Thermapen digital food thermometers are built to last. Its combination of speed, accuracy, reliability and ease of use is why thousands of professional chefs and bakers turn to Thermapen as their kitchen thermometer of choice.
Which thermometer is best for baking?
Whether you’re trying to perfect the art of Italian meringue, level up your bread game or get creative with caramel, you’ll struggle to get consistent results without knowing the exact temperature of your bake. The Thermapen One provides an accurate temperature reading in just one second, removing any guesswork and making every bake a showstopper. When accuracy and consistency matter the most, bakers turn to Thermapen — the baking thermometer of choice.

Here's why Thermapen is the UK's best baking thermometer

  • Designed and made in Britain
    Designed for chefs and loved by home cooks worldwide, Thermapens are built to last. Handmade in Britain, every Thermapen comes with a free calibration certificate to show it has been calibrated to a professional standard.
  • Easy to use
    The sleek, button-free design is easy to use and clean. Perfect for sticky baking activities. Simply open and close the probe to switch it on and off.
  • Instant temperature measurement
    Unrivalled fast and accurate readings for guaranteed perfectly cooked food. Every time.
  • The most versatile kitchen thermometer
    Thermapen thermometers aren't just for baking. They're made for everything from cooking the perfect medium-rare steak to ensuring your Christmas turkey is safe and juicy. Whether you're making a summer BBQ, Sunday roast or even just reheating some leftovers, Thermapen will give you the confidence to know every dish is perfectly done.

Which DIGITAL Baking Thermometer Is For You?

Thermapen ONE
Unrivalled speed and accuracy with an intuitive display.

Perfect for: Taking every bake to the next level.

Thermapen classic
The essential fast, accurate and reliable kitchen thermometer.
Perfect for: Creating consistently delicious bakes.
A leave-in probe that monitors your bake as it cooks.
Perfect for: Jams, caramels and confectionery.
Show-stopping Recipes Baked Perfectly to Temperature

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