Digital Meat Thermometers

The UK's Best Digital Meat Thermometer
Perfectly rare, medium or well-done meat every time? Thermapen makes it a reality. With thousands of Thermapen meat thermometers sold worldwide since 1992, the Thermapen is the world's favourite digital kitchen, thermometer, loved by home cooks & professional chefs worldwide. All of our Thermapen digital meat thermometers are hand manufactured in the UK.
"Thermapen is one of those kitchen tools I can’t live without - it's something I use every single day from making sauces, to BBQ cooking, 
to private dining and events, it comes with me everywhere! A Thermapen will improve you as a chef and a cook by taking all of the guesswork out of complex cooking."
Mike Tomkins
MasterChef finalist 2021
The meat thermometer of choice for professional chefs.
Thermapen manufactures a range of digital meat thermometers, including the Thermapen Classic and our latest instant-read model, the Thermapen One, which displays an accurate temperature in just one second. With your Thermapen on hand, you’ll always be able to nail that medium rare finish or create tender, juicy meat every time. Whichever your preference, Thermapen will ensure it’s cooked to perfection.

Buy one now and mirror the culinary standards of professional chefs! Don’t just take our word for it, check out our customer reviews for their verdict.
Say goodbye to overdone meat.
Using a meat thermometer is the most effective way of checking that your food is not overcooked, ensuring it remains juicy and tender, whilst reassuring you that it’s safe to eat. Whether you want to create a perfectly pink beef wellington, ensure your chicken is cooked but holds onto its moisture, or you want to cook restaurant quality, medium rare steaks in the pan at home, the Thermapen is your new secret weapon.
Here's why Thermapen is the UK's best meat thermometer:
Hand-manufactured to a professional standard.
Each Thermapen is hand-manufactured in the UK and comes with a FREE traceable certificate of calibration. Built with a micro-thermocouple at the probe’s tip, a technology only found in professional thermometers, it really sets the Thermapen miles apart from other instant-read models. Its casing material includes advanced Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology that reduces bacterial growth.
Easy to use.
Free from confusing buttons or dials, you don’t even need to remember to turn your Thermapen on or off. It’s an extremely lightweight, wireless, handheld thermometer designed for guaranteed ease when taking the temperature of meat.
Perfectly cooked food.
Instant, accurate temperature readings for perfectly cooked food. Every time.
Stuck with what Meat Thermometer to buy?
Thermapen One.​

One second, instant, accurate temperature readings. Auto intelligent backlight, waterproof, rotating display for easy reading. Perfect for: All types of meat, large or small, ideal for spot checking throughout the cook.

Thermapen Classic.​

Three second, accurate temperature readings and easy to use. Perfect for: All types of meat, large or small, ideal for spot checking throughout the cook.

DOT Digital Thermometer.​

Loud alarm to alert when food has reached set temperature.
Perfect for: Cooking succulent roasts.​

BlueDOT Bluetooth Thermometer.​

Bluetooth alarm & free app to alert when food has reached set temperature. Perfect for: Cooking succulent roasts.​

ChefAlarm Cooking Timer & Thermometer.​

Loud alarm to alert when your food has reached temperature whilst also alerting you if your food drops in temperature.
Built in kitchen timer.
Perfect for: Cooking all types of meat.

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