Smart BBQ Thermometer Bundle

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Signals and Billows smart meat thermometer kit — bundle and save £99


  • Smart meat thermometer with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Free app for remote meat and pit monitoring
  • Four channels: track your pit and up to three meats at once


  • BBQ temperature control fan
  • Automatically maintains your desired pit temperature
  • Pair with Signals to track and control 

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What does the Smart Meat Thermometer Kit include? 

This kit contains two key tools for monitoring and controlling BBQ temperatures: the Signals thermometer and Billows BBQ fan. Each bundle also includes a free case and probe spools, plus a Billows Damper for increasing your pit temperature precision.

Signals Wi-Fi and Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer
The Signals four-channel BBQ thermometer is the ultimate tool for closed-lid temperature monitoring.

  • Keep track of pit temperature and up to three meats at once
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connection
  • View cooking progress using our free app
  • Set high/low alarms

Learn more about the Signals BBQ Thermometer.

Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan
The Billows BBQ fan automatically maintains your target pit temperature throughout every cook for expert results.

  • Pairs with the Signals to control your pit temperature
  • Automatic airflow control
  • Ideal for low and slow cooks

Learn more about the Billows BBQ Control Fan.

BBQ Accessories
The kit also comes with a collection of free accessories to help you make the most out of your tools. 

  • Billows Damper for making micro-adjustments to your Billows 
  • Four spools for tangle-free probe storage 
  • Essential grilling tongs
  • Protective case to keep your kit organised*

*Our handy zip case is designed to offer a compact solution that will keep your essentials protected. To ensure the best care for your products, we recommend storing your probes separately inside their spools and your Signals and Billows inside the case.

bundle & save

Enjoy great savings when you choose to bundle up. With a 15% discount plus three free accessories, you save £99 with this ultimate BBQ bundle. 

Why choose
the Smart Meat Thermometer Bundle?

Precise low and slow cooking

Made for barbecuers who love low and slow, the Smart Meat Thermometer Bundle enables ultimate control over meat and pit temperatures for precise results every time. Maintain your set pit temperature over long periods without having to adjust the vents or tend to the coals and get a notification if it falls outside of range.

In addition, the Signals smart meat thermometer enables you to track the internal temperature of up to three meats at once. You'll be notified when your meat reaches temperature so you're ready to take it off straight away.

Free app for remote monitoring

The Signals and Billows work hand-in-hand to ensure your temperatures stay on track and your results are perfectly tender and juicy. And with all your monitoring taking place from either the Signals screen or the free app, you can keep your BBQ lid closed and all of the smoke inside.

The Signals wireless thermometer seamlessly switches between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you can easily check on your cook without lost connections. View and update your set temperatures from your sofa or across town, as long as you have an internet connection.

the signals App
Designed specifically for advanced temperature monitoring
  • Setup temperature alarms with push notifications for the entire cook
  • Data is stored in the cloud with user notes for easy recall & review
  • Save unlimited graphs on ThermoWorks Cloud to access anytime
  • Bluetooth range of up to 28 metres
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