Five Delicious Roast Dinners For Easter Sunday

Five Delicious Roast Dinners For Easter Sunday

Are you planning on spending this Easter Sunday cooking up a delicious roast dinner for your loved ones? Today we have a selection of recipes from some of our favourite food bloggers to get you inspired this bank holiday weekend! Whether you’re going traditional or looking for an alternative, these dishes are sure to go down well with the whole family.

Now of course we can’t forget about the temperatures when it comes to cooking the perfect joint of meat. Using a Thermapen couldn’t be easier and is such a quick and good way of knowing whether your meat is not only delicious but also safe to eat and ready to serve. Simply insert the probe into the thickest part of the meat and within 1 second you’ll know whether you’re going to be tucking into a Rare, Medium or Well Done roast dinner.

Another great way of ensuring your roast isn’t over or under done is by using our Digital Thermometer (DOT). The DOT has a leave-in probe meaning you can get on with the rest of your cooking while knowing that the DOT will alert you as soon as your meat is ready. Simply insert the probe into your joint of meat, set the alarm using the arrow buttons for the correct temperature and then pop the roasting tray into the oven, leaving the DOT unit on the counter using the kickstand or attached to the front of your oven using the magnetic pads on the reverse.


Below is a guideline for the correct internal temperatures you will need to reach for a variety of meats, to ensure that you’re cooking to perfection. Every time.

74 °C – Chicken, Turkey & Duck

52 °C – Beef, Lamb & Veal – Rare

60 °C – Beef, Lamb & Veal – Medium

71 °C – Beef, Lamb & Veal – Well Done

63 °C – Pork Roasts, Steaks & Chops – Medium

71 °C – Pork Roasts, Steaks & Chops – Well Done

60 °C – Fish

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This simple roast leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic from Salted Mint is just the ticket if you’re looking to go down the more traditional route this Easter Sunday. Debs at Salted Mint walks you through step-by-step on how to stuff your leg of lamb, roll the joint and roast to pink perfection.

If you’re still looking to have a delicious roast dinner but aren’t keen on a lamb joint then this one pan roasted chicken and veggies from Becky Excell at Gluten Free Cuppa Tea is perfect. It’s a quick, simple and easy dish to prepare meaning you have plenty of time to get on with your Sunday and then sit down to enjoy your spoils.

Hands up who loves Roast Beef? This delicious dish from Bintu at Recipes From A Pantry is bold on flavour and a great alternative to roast lamb. Bintu’s recipe uses a spicy roast beef seasoning with a secret ingredient, cocoa powder! She also has all the top tips on cooking the perfect roast beef dinner.

This mouth watering glazed ham from Lucy at Super Golden Bakes is another delicious alternative to roast lamb this Easter Sunday. The combination of the sweet honey and tangy mustard suits a variety of palettes meaning this should be a real crowd pleaser round the dinner table.

Last but not least we have another recipe from Bintu, Roast Pork! In this blog Bintu will walk you through how to cook the perfect roast pork, which is beautifully slathered in garlic and fennel seeds to pack a real flavour punch.

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