Top 5 Thermometers for Succulent BBQ Food

Top 5 Thermometers for Succulent BBQ Food

Ask any BBQ chef what their top tips for cooking incredible food is and they will be sure to tell you to cook to temperature over time. 

An instant read thermometer is essential for everything from spatchcock chickens and racks of ribs to low and slow brisket and pulled pork. For longer cooks, the best way to catch your centerpiece at its most succulent temperature is to monitor the cook using a smart thermometer, so you can be alerted as soon as it is ready to come off the grill. 

We offer a number of different options depending on what kind of BBQ cooking you are intending to do, so read on to learn which one is best for you.

1. Thermapen Thermometers
  • Quick, accurate and easy to use
  • Grilling, roasting, frying, baking, confectionary and more

The ultimate cooking thermometer, the Thermapen is the fast and accurate way of cooking great tasting BBQ food.

The Thermapen is designed to take the guesswork out of every cooking challenge, from perfect roasts to triumphant BBQ, magnificent cakes and delicious jams. With the Thermapen you can be assured of one thing – great cooking, perfectly done.

Perfect for outdoor cooking, the backlit display makes viewing the temperature in varying lighting easy. The ultra-fine probe makes it great for taking the temperature of small foods such as wings, while 3 second readings means it’s easy to catch fast cooking foods at their ideal temperature.

Ideal for anyone from beginners to experts, a reliable temperature probe is essential for all.

2. DOT digital thermometer
  • Loud alarm to alert when food is cooked
  • Cooking succulent roasts

The essential thermometer for monitoring your cooks, the DOT is a simple oven thermometer that will alert you when your food is perfectly done. Simply program your desired temperature, insert the probe into the center of your meat and pop it onto the side or attach it to your BBQ using the magnetic pads. Watch the temperature climb on the display and wait for the alarm to sound once the temperature has been reached.

The beginner’s choice for temperature monitoring, the DOT will help you to cook incredible roast meat.

3. thermaq 2 four channel thermometer
  • Compatible with a wide range of probes
  • Tandoori ovens, pizza ovens and high temperature grilling

The ThermaQ 2 can monitor up to four temperatures at once and is compatible with a wide range of probes, ideal for monitoring both pit and meat temperatures.

Simple to use with no connection or app required, simply program your temperatures and wait for the alarm to sound. This device can also be paired with the Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan for complete control over your longer cooks.

Used by professional BBQ chefs, the ThermaQ 2 can measure temperatures up to 1372°C and is ideal for those looking for more probe choices and the option for high-heat cooks.

4. smoke wireless bbq thermometer
  • Dual probes for meat and pit
  • Smoked meats such as brisket, pulled pork and ribs

Level up your BBQ game with the Smoke. Perfect for those who don’t want to watch over their BBQ over long periods, the Smoke comes with a wireless receiver for monitoring your temperatures from a distance of 300 feet.

With two probe connectors, users can monitor the temperatures of their meat and pit at the same time, excellent for maintaining control over low and slow cooks where pit temperature is critical.

The Smoke is ideal for those looking to begin trying more adventurous smoked dishes on the BBQ.

5. signals 4 channel wi-fi & bluetooth thermometer
  • Monitor four temperatures simultaneously
  • Roasts, low and slow recipes and other larger cooks

The Signals BBQ thermometer is the ultimate tool for keeping an eye on your BBQ foods. Supplied with three cooking probes and one air probe, it is ideal for anyone looking to monitor the temperature of their pit plus up to three different meats at once.

Signals comes with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on-board, seamlessly switching between the two, so you get a continuous signal and real-time alerts whether you’re in a field or across town.

Used by competition BBQ teams and professional chefs, the Signals is great for preparing large feasts on the BBQ.

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