6 Ways To Use Roast Chicken

6 Ways To Use Roast Chicken

January has once again rolled round and most of us are feeling the after effects of a busy and expensive Christmas. Pinching the pennies in a 5 week month can prove difficult, so today we’re showing you how to make your money go further at meal-times by purchasing just one large chicken. 

Of course when cooking a roast chicken we do recommend using a thermometer to ensure it’s both safely and deliciously cooked, our Thermapen is perfect for that! When cooking chicken you are aiming for an internal temperature of 74°C.

Roast Chicken

Traditional and well loved among the nation, nothing beats a good Sunday roast dinner. We recommend choosing the largest chicken you can find, lathering it in herbs and olive oil or butter and roasting. Since you should have plenty leftover, below we have five more ways in which you can use the leftover chicken, both the meat and bones!

Chicken sandwiches

One way to use some chicken leftovers is by making up some delicious hearty sandwiches. All you need is some chunky bread, your leftover chicken, salad and dressing of your choice. Voila! They are perfect for lunch at work, on-the-go or even the kids at school.

Chicken salad

A good Caesar salad is a classic. Healthy, filling, delicious and ideal for using up some leftover roast chicken. By using roast chicken instead of fresh chicken breast you’ll also add an extra element of flavour to the salad. The traditional Caesar salad includes: romaine lettuce leaves, chicken, Parmesan flakes, croutons and Caesar dressing. Some options also use bits of bacon or hard boiled eggs to add a little extra protein.

Chicken stock

One thing that most people will purchase at the supermarket and keep in the cupboard is a good chicken stock. However it’s actually quite easy to make at home using the carcass leftovers of your roast chicken, now that really is using every part of the bird! We found a nice recipe here for you:

Chicken soup

This recipe for soup not only uses the chicken stock that you’ve just made but also any leftover shreds of chicken meat. There is nothing quite like a large bowl of chicken soup when the weather turns cold or you’re under the weather. What’s so great about making homemade soup is that you can also freeze it in batches and simply thaw and reheat as and when needed.

We found this scrummy looking recipe here:

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