Top 5 Christmas Cooking Tips

Top 5 Christmas Cooking Tips

It’s that time of year again – Christmas is upon us, we’re all racing around the shops and frantically planning the big day. If you’re cooking the Christmas dinner this year then I’m sure you’re feeling a little stressed about it, so much to do and so little time. We have some wonderful tips about cooking at Christmas time from some of the best in the biz…

“Primarily food should be about fun and enjoyment not stress particularly on a special day like Christmas, so I like to prep all my vegetables, stuffings mince pies etc Christmas Eve or before and freeze if I can. Even potatoes can be peeled the day before,  covered with water, put a slice of bread on top to soak up the starch and leave in a cool place. Christmas Day just drain refresh water and roast as usual. The Turkey Wellington I demonstrated for Thermapen is perfect so easy if you don’t want any stress on the day prep the day before and an hour in the oven on the day. Test temperature with the Thermapen on the day and it’s completely stress free. Same if you are cooking a whole bird Christmas is too special everyone including the cook should have a lovely day.”

“Make canapés. Christmas Day is an exciting occasion, and it’s not surprising everyone gets hungry waiting for their turkey dinner. An enticing selection of snacks and canapés, sent out in waves rather than all at once, will stop people getting fractious. If making your own canapés, rule out anything that can’t be made the day before, as you don’t want to be faffing with smoked salmon pinwheels on Christmas morning!”

“If you do have gluten free food or food for people with allergies then make sure you cook it separately and keep it separate! Make sure everyone is aware of this so that cross-contamination doesn’t happen. No-one ever wants to be ill, and definitely not over Christmas!”

“My tip is to make as much ahead of time as possible! Mince pies and individual cake layers freeze really well, meaning you can get ahead on your Christmas prep and merely enjoy an assembly job on the days around Christmas”.

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