UK BBQ Week 2023 Roundup

UK BBQ Week 2023 Roundup

UK BBQ Week is a huge celebration that takes place on social media for grilling lovers. With a whole host of exciting daily themes, each year sees our Instagram feed full of inspirational cooks taking place across the UK. This year, we teamed up with a group of our #TeamTemperature barbecuers to join in each day. And cook up a storm they certainly did! Read on to see what they made. 



Day 1 - Cook the Books

To kick off the celebrations, @thesmokinelk went back to his first ever cookbook: The Barbecue! Bible by Steven Raichlen. He went for some chicken legs with chilli and coriander, a simple recipe but with BIG flavours. 

Day 2 - World Cooks

Up next, @bbqwithjake's take on World Cooks Day was an incredible Korean burger filled with authentic Korean ingredients: Korean BBQ sauce, kimchi slaw and gochujang spread. BBQ heaven.

Day 3 - Wing Wednesday

Wings are a classic always done right by @grate_smokin_bbq. For his Wing Wednesday cook, he used a rotisserie basket, then served them with JD’s Chipotle Hot Honey sauce for maximum flavour. 

Day 4 - Star Wars Day

We don’t even need to try these pulled pork tacos to feel the force of their flavour. @twisted_ribs’ fully-loaded chipotle tacos are out of this galaxy. 

Day 5 - Fish on a Friday

@sue_stoneman celebrated Fish Day by teaming up with @lolulis_fire_and_fish on a live cook. Monkfish kebab and chilli scallops with flatbreads; a healthy and flavoursome feast that makes the most of fresh, local fish.

Day 6 - BBQ Fit for a King

Honey BBQ butterflied leg of lamb is the showstopping dish required to celebrate the King’s Coronation on day 6. @thenotecook knows just how to make a celebratory centrepiece that everyone will love. 

Day 7 - Sunday Lunch & Pudding

@botting_bbq went all out for Sunday Lunch Day. Dijon mustard butter and toasted fennel spatchcock chicken with wild garlic roasties, honey-glazed carrots and red cabbage steaks. And for dessert: grilled peaches with mango sorbet, a rose and orange dressing and crushed pistachios. Fancy BBQ at its finest.

Day 8 - Bank Holiday Picnic

For the final day, @the_moody_bbq saw the week out with a bang with the ultimate BBQ picnic feast. The smashing spread included homemade pork and apple sausage rolls, scotch eggs, homemade pizzas, steak crostinis, mini smash burgers, chicken skewers and grilled watermelon. The definition of doing a bank holiday right.

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