Truly British BBQ Party Checklist

Truly British BBQ Party Checklist

Are you planning a BBQ party or two this summer? We have all been to one of those BBQ’s, the one where the hosts haven’t provided enough food and you end up mindlessly chomping away on a burnt burger and scraping round the crisp bowl! So, we decided to do a poll in the Thermapen Marketing Office and find out exactly what people expect from a good old British BBQ! You’re welcome…

Shopping list
  • Beef Burgers – we highly recommend that you make your own – they taste so much better!
  • Sausages
  • Chicken wings/thighs/legs – you could marinate these in a sticky BBQ sauce or just go simple with a little seasoning
  • Kebabs – chicken skewers win a delicious marinade
  • Veggie options – including mixed vegetable skewers with halloumi and a good veggie burger
  • Coleslaw
  • Buns – we recommend brioche as they are just SO delicious
  • Cous cous / pasta salad
  • Corn on the cob – wrapped in tin foil slathered in butter and herbs is our choice
  • Potato salad – homemade is so much nicer than shop bought and super easy to make too!
  • Crisps – it seems our team are partial to some Kettle chips and Pringles
  • Mixed leafy green salad
  • Crudities such as carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers with dips
  • Onions, tomatoes, cheeses and pickles for burgers/dogs

Condiments, the top voted were: ketchup, mayonnaise, yellow american style mustard and garlic aioli (bottom of your burger bun, trust us!)


Meringue nests with fresh strawberries and cream. Pineapple slices or bananas stuffed with chocolate buttons – grill these up and enjoy!


We suggest a good mix of both alcoholic such as white wine, ciders, beers and Pimms, alongside the usual soft drinks like fruit juices, fizzy drinks and plenty of nice cold water (you could even pop some lemon slices or strawberries in).

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