Sweet Treats To Inspire You This #GBBO Season

Sweet Treats To Inspire You This #GBBO Season

Ah the time has come again, when the nation unites for the love of all things British and baking – The Great British Bake Off is back! We couldn’t be happier to see that big white tent full of excitement, suspense and of course a whole heap of delicious goodies.

 If The Great British Bake Off doesn’t inspire you to bake at least one dish this year then what will?! So with this is in my mind we have gathered together a bunch of recipe collaborations from some of our favorite foodie bloggers to get you on your way.

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Veggie Desserts – Mini Chocolate Tarts

These mini chocolate tarts with salted caramel drizzle are divine! They’re super easy to make but are sure to wow your guests at any party. To create that super creamy and rich caramel sauce you need to heat the sugar and water until it turns a dark amber colour and reaches  175°C.

Super Golden Bakes – Vegan AquaFaba Macarons

Macarons are a dish that pops up every year on The Great British Bake Off – and these ones look superb, PLUS they’re vegan! Did you know you can make macarons from the juice of chickpeas?! When making these vegan macarons, the sugar and water need to be heated to precisely 110°C before adding the aquafaba into.

Recipes From A Pantry – Pumpkin Salted Caramels

This step-by-step guide makes these sweet treats feel super easy, quick and are definitely a firm favourite for Halloween time (no more pumpkin waste!). When creating these Pumpkin Salted Caramels you need to keep checking the temperature of the caramel until it reaches 122°C .

Little Sugar Snaps – Millionaires Shortbread Caramel Chocolate Eggs

This delicious recipe will teach you how to perfectly temper chocolate, always something the judges look out for on The Great British Bake Off! Tempering chocolate can be a tricky business but if you know your temperatures you’ll get it just right.

Dark Chocolate: 45 – 48°C

Milk Chocolate: 40 – 43°C

White Chocolate: 37 – 40°C

Becky Excell – Gluten Free Honeycomb Cheesecake

How insanely good does that Honeycomb Cheesecake look? Plus it’s gluten free! Honeycomb is another temperature critical dish that Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith keep a keen eye on with the bakers. When creating honeycomb you need to heat the golden syrup and caster sugar until it hits 149°C, before adding in your baking powder.

Wallflower Kitchen – Vegan Strawberry and Vanilla Jam Tarts

Making homemade jam is a fantastic skill, especially when it means you can create these delectable vegan strawberry and vanilla jam tarts. For jam, it’s recommended to let the fruit and sugar come to 105°C before removing from the heat.

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