5 Best Father's Day Cooking & BBQ Gift Ideas 2023

5 Best Father's Day Cooking & BBQ Gift Ideas 2023

Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the occasion. If your dad is a foodie and loves to cook and barbecue, you're in luck! We have put together a list of the five best Father's Day cooking and BBQ gift ideas for 2023.



These gifts for Father's Day are perfect for dads who enjoy spending time in the kitchen or grilling up a storm in the backyard. From high-tech cooking gadgets to handy accessories, our list has something for every type of dad. So, if you're in the UK and looking for some inspiration for Father's Day gift ideas, read on and discover our top picks for Father's Day BBQ gifts and more.


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1. For the dad who loves steaks

There's no greater gift for the dad who loves succulent steaks than a trusty meat thermometer. The Thermapen ONE is the perfect thermometer to gift, with lightning-fast one-second readings, waterproof casing and 360° auto-rotating display making it his new favourite sidekick for every meaty meal.

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2. For the dad who loves a Sunday roast

If your dad can't get enough of his roast chicken, beef and pork, the DOT Digital Oven Thermometer will really shake up his roast game. Insert the probe and wait for the alarm to sound when your food is perfectly cooked. It's that simple. Even the less tech-savvy dads will love using it.


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3. For the BBQ beginner dad

The Thermapen Beginner's BBQ Bundle is the perfect BBQ gift set for dads who want to up their grilling game. Including the Thermapen Classic and DOT Digital Oven Thermometer, this BBQ tools gift set contains everything needed to grill to temperature and cook every dish to perfection.


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4. For the BBQ pro dad

This BBQ Father's Day gift is ideal for the dad who is already a pro at smoking meat. The Smoke thermometer enables wireless monitoring of meat and pit temperatures up to 90m away, while the Thermapen ONE covers spot-checking and flash-grilling.


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5. Small Father's Day cooking gifts

Looking for something small for the dad who loves to cook? Our huge range of accessories contains something for every food lover; sleek cases for keeping Thermapens safe, spools for protecting your probes, and handy temperature guide fridge magnets and tea towels to ensure you never forget a temperature.


Whether you go for the one thermometer that will enhance his cooking hobby, the ultimate kit for perfecting his BBQ recipes, or a simple accessory to organise his equipment, our range of cooking and BBQ gifts for dad has got you covered this Father's Day.


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